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Vokèra Company Profile

Vokera’s extensive range of heating products consists of high efficiency condensing boilers including combination, system and open vent boilers, light commercial boilers as well as water heaters and cylinders. Renewable technology products complement the range of boilers and water cylinders and include Solar thermal and air source heat pumps.

The Vokera Pre Sales support service offers the engineer, architect, specifier or developer technical advice at the point of product specification. If a technology is not completely familiar the Pre Sales team can provide support and reassurance that the suitable product is being specified. Support is available for Commercial and Renewable products, special boiler flue arrangements and special application replacement boiler installations.


Vokèra’s range of high efficiency gas boilers include combi boilers, sealed system boilers, open vent boilers and light commercial sealed system boilers and are some of the most energy efficient available, with efficiencies of 92% being achieved.

Vokèra’s portfolio also incorporates standard efficiency boilers for specialist applications, introduced to satisfy demand for boiler replacements on SE and U Ducts and for those applications deemed exempt under the Building Regulations (England and Wales) and Building Standards (Scotland). Combination and system standard efficiency boilers are available.

Vokèra boilers are available in natural gas with kits available to allow simple conversion to LPG. Vokèra also offer extremely versatile flueing options and a range of energy saving controls that maximise boiler efficiency. All Vokèra System and Open Vent boilers are compatible with Vokèra Zenith Solar thermal systems.

Combination boilers

A combination boiler (also known as a combi boiler) provides heat for central heating and instantaneous domestic hot water. With a combi boiler heating system you do not require feed and expansion tanks in your loft space or a water cylinder, therefore saving space.

Vokèra’s combination boilers include Linea One (5 year warranty, 92% efficient when installed with weather compensation control that is supplied as standard, 10:1 modulation ratio maximising efficiency, extremely high DHW flow rate), Unica HE (very high flow rate, compatible with energy saving controls), Unica BHE (designed specifically for external installations) and Compact A (compact dimensions and lightweight for easy installation).

System boilers

A system boiler is a boiler that is installed on a sealed central heating system. In this type of heating system, a system boiler connects to a water cylinder that provides the domestic hot water and central heating. As the heating system is sealed it maintains the water pressure and as such a system boiler is more suited to properties with multiple bathrooms, because good flow rates can be maintained if more than one domestic hot water outlet is in use at the same time. System boilers are also compatible with Solar thermal.

Vokèra’s system boilers include Mynute HE (range of outputs available to suit all domestic applications) and Verve (47kW high power system boiler for large homes or small commercial properties).

Open Vent boilers

An open vent boiler is installed on a heating system that is open to atmospheric pressure as major components to the system include feed and expansion tanks in the loft space. An open vent boiler is also known as a conventional or regular boiler and it heats the domestic hot water and radiators via a water cylinder. Open vent boilers are also compatible with Solar thermal.

Vokèra’s Open Vent boiler is the Mynute VHE, it has extremely small dimensions and a rear flue option enabling the boiler to be installed anywhere in the home.

Solar thermal collectors

There are different types of Solar thermal heating collectors to suit different applications, Vokèra offer the full range of collector types and are all Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved. The Vokèra Zenith 2 Solar thermal range consists of flat plate on tile and inset Solar thermal collectors and evacuated tube collectors, ensuring there is a Vokèra Solar thermal solution for new build and retro-fit applications. A variety of support rails and fixing brackets are available to suit pitched and flat roof types and also for the different types of roof tiles, including slate and tile roofs. The Zenith 2 range is compatible with Vokèra’s range of system and open vent boilers and the AquaFlow Twin coil cylinder. Vokèra Pre Sales support can help specify the correct equipment needed to ensure the most efficient Solar system is installed.

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps utilise air to generate warmth in order to heat water using compression technology, providing a great source of renewable technology. They work by extracting warmth from the outside air that is then transferred to a plate-heat exchanger that heats the central heating and domestic water in a traditional way. Minimal installation preparation is required making an air source heat pump is an ideal renewable solution for a variety of house sizes or styles and for both new-build projects and existing homes. Air source heating appliances are ideal for use with under-floor heating systems due to the lower temperatures required. However the Vokèra AriaPRO can deliver temperatures up to 60 degrees C, which can be transferred to a water cylinder to also help heat domestic hot water. Air source heating appliances are also quite often used to heat swimming pools. Vokèra Pre Sales support can help specify the correct equipment needed to ensure the most efficient solution.

Water cylinders

A water cylinder is used to store domestic water that is heated by a system or regular boiler. Vokèra water cylinders are unvented and maintain mains water pressure no matter where the water cylinder is located throughout the property. There are two types of unvented water cylinders, single coil water cylinders and twin coil water cylinders. In most properties with an unvented water cylinder, it is likely to be a single coil water cylinder. A twin coil cylinder allows the heating system to also be connected to a Solar panel so if you are considering having a Solar thermal installation at some point and you require a new water cylinder, it may make economical sense to invest in a twin coil water cylinder.

Vokèra support, accreditations and quality assurances

Vokèra prides itself in providing support from concept to completion. Our support network incorporates a Pre Sales support advice service, technical training, technical support service and a Customer Care team dedicated on providing great service.

Our policy of continuous innovation and technological advancement means that our boilers and renewable products are among those leading the market in increased energy efficiency. Vokèra is ISO 9001 approved, supports the ‘benchmark’ initiative, are members of the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, the Society of British Gas Industries, the Gas Safe Register, Supplier members of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) and affiliate members of the HVCA.


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