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Vortice Company Profile

Established in 1954, Vortice is Europe’s premier manufacturer and supplier of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems for commercial and residential applications. The company operates worldwide and its UK head office is based in Burton upon Trent.

Vortice has developed a wide and varied collection of eco-friendly SAP Q eligible products, ranging from large and small heat recovery systems to continuous running extract fans and fans for apartments and small areas.

The company understands the importance of selecting the correct equipment to achieve clean fresh and healthy air. Air management systems play a vital role in commercial, industrial and domestic settings. Vortice has products from single bathroom fans to whole house ventilation and fully integrated commercial systems.

The Vortice Product Range

A range of model control options and sizes are available including long-life motors, automatic shutters, timers, pull cords, PIR infra red sensors, humidity control systems, 12V power supply units, environmental sensors, speed controllers and summer ventilation controllers to coordinate with the ventilation equipment.

Domestic Ventilation

Ventilation in homes is vital for safeguarding health and wellbeing. Vortice domestic ventilation products provide indoor comfort and clean air using a range of aesthetically pleasing products that blend into and coordinate with their surroundings.

Products include:

  • System 1 Bathroom fans including wall, ceiling, window and ducted fans.
  • Quadro, Ariett and Vort centrifugal fans, available recessed or surface mounted for ceilings and walls, all are provided with IPX4 protection and can be used with long ducts.
  • Loft mounted, in-line and ceiling mounted centrifugal and canopy extractor fans suitable for ducted installation are available in the Axial K, Angol K and Angol KR ranges.
  • Cooker hoods and canopy fans in Vort, Vortice and Vortex ranges for exhaust or re-circulation.
  • Continuous running fans are central extractor systems offering constant ventilation of up to five rooms.
  • A selection of heat recovery units of different sizes and capacities offers quiet and effective energy saving ventilation with automatic summer bypass and frost protection.

Commercial Ventilation

As the leading company in ventilation products for the commercial sector, Vortice has developed a range of products that can be installed for a wide variety of applications. The systems can be installed in windows, walls, panels, roofs and ceilings. It is widely accepted that good commercial ventilation improves productivity and work quality.

The product range includes:

  • Vario Axial wall, window and ceiling fans
  • CA plastic, metal, wall and roof centrifugal in-line extractor fans
  • Tiracamino radial extract chimney fans for chimney tops
  • Accessories available include filters, flexible ducting, grilles, terminations and roof mounting products


Vortice has designed a range of hygiene products for use within wash areas in commercial and public applications such as factories, pubs, offices, hotels and restaurants.

Products include:

  • Metal Dry Range manual and automatic vandal resistant hand dryers for high usage
  • Optimal Dry Range of premium manual and automatic hand dryers for prestigious locations
  • Vort Super Dry air jet hand dryer range

Light Industrial Ventilation

A range of lightweight industrial extractor fans for the control of air quality in industrial premises.

Options include:

  • Axial fans for ducted or direct extraction. The E range is a low pressure fan, the MP Range Red Hub is a medium pressure fan and the MPC-E Long Cased Axial Range Red Hub is a medium pressure long cased unit for extracting into ventilation ducts
  • CE Range centrifugal fans for ducted installation and OEM applications

Summer Ventilation

As the pioneer of the classic ceiling fan, Vortice has developed a range of versatile ventilation fans to suit a variety of applications.

Products include:

  • Nordic range of ceiling mounted fans available with lights

Vortice offers a complimentary technical and design service for all aspects of mechanical ventilation and a AutoCAD design workstation. All products are EN 13141 compliant and Vortice has full knowledge and understanding of current UK Building Regulations. Products are available to order on the website or through a national network of stockists.

For more detailed information please contact Vortice using the buttons above or visit the company website.

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