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  • Gas Boilers
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  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
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  • Solar Water Heating
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Worcester Bosch Company Profile

Worcester Bosch is a company specialising in the manufacture of highly efficient heating and water systems for the home. Products are supplied to the public through trade clients and Worcester Accredited installers, who can offer free quotations and are specialists in all Worcester Bosch products.

The product range includes gas-fired, LPG and Oil-fired boilers, solar panels, ground source, air to air and air to water heat pumps and solar water heating systems. There are showrooms and installers located throughout the United Kingdom.

The product range includes:


Worcester Bosch Greenstar gas, oil and LPG boilers are condensing boilers and operate at an efficiency rate of 90% or over and are available in combi, regular and system options. Regular and system boilers are also solar compatible. All boiler options are A rated for energy efficiency and are registered with the Energy Saving Trust which helps promote the manufacture of more energy efficient products.

  • Combi Boilers

Combi or combination boilers consist of a single compact unit that is a high efficiency water heater and central heating boiler that does not require a separate hot water cylinder. Benefits include considerable savings on hot water costs and water that is delivered at mains pressure directly through the tap. Products include the Greenstar 42CDi, 27CDi, 30Si, 24i and 28i junior and Highflow 440 and 550CDi.

  • Regular Boilers

Regular or conventional boilers directly heat a central heating system and produces hot water for a cylinder. Generally, regular boiler systems consist of a boiler, extended controls and a hot water cylinder which is fed via a cold water cistern located in the loft. Regular boilers are also solar compatible. Options include the Greenstar 30 and 40CDI regular, FS 30 and 42CDi regular and 12, 15, 18 and 24Ri.

  • System Boilers

System boilers heat a central heating system directly and produce hot water for a cylinder. This system works on the same principle as a regular boiler, but differences include major components being built into the system boiler that offers a faster and tidier installation and secondly, hot water is pumped from the system boiler to the radiators and hot water cylinder, this removes the need for an expansion cistern and results in a quick response and more efficient running costs. System boilers are also solar compatible. Options include Greenstar 12, 15, 18 and 25i systems and the 30CDi system.

Solar Panel Systems

Worcester Greenskies solar panels are designed for use with existing heating systems including Greenstar regular and system condensing boilers that use a cylinder for hot water storage. The solar panels are powered from direct and diffused sunlight and convert this energy into heat and hot water. Greenskies solar panels are available in landscape and portrait, standard FKC and high efficiency FKT options to suit a wide variety of roof shapes and sizes. The Greenskies solar cylinder is available in four sizes and is designed to be fitted in conjunction with the Greenskies solar water heating systems.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Worcester Bosch's range of ground source heat pumps uses natural energy that is stored in the earth to heat a home. Ground source heat pumps are not suitable for all properties and installation is dependant on land area for heat pump collectors and property and radiator sizes. System heat pumps require a separate cylinder and can also be used in conjunction with solar water heating, whilst Combi heat pumps have a combined cylinder. For every single kilowatt of electricity used to power the ground source heat pumps, this system can create four kilowatts or more. The systems available include the Greenstore 6, 7, 9 and 11. A ground source heat pump cylinder is also available in 180 and 280 litre sizes and is solar compatible.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps utilise free and sustainable energy in the air and turn it into heat. This system offers environmentally friendly, low cost, energy-saving hot water and heating throughout the year. A range of primary or buffer storage tanks is available in 100 and 120 litre sizes that are compatible with air source heat pumps.

  • Air to water heat pumps use energy in the air with a refrigerant circuit that allows for the temperature to be boosted to levels for heating and hot water. Greensource air to water pumps are Microgeneration Certification Scheme approved and are available in 6, 7 and 9.5kW options.
  • Air to air heat pumps provide both heating and cooling for homes and feature advanced air purification technology. Particularly suitable for conservatories, small homes and apartments, Greensource air to air heat pumps consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit which converts the latent energy in the air into heat. Air source heat pumps require consultation and planning approval by local authorities prior to installation.

Worcester Bosch is committed to the research and development of products that are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The company prides itself on offering clients the highest standards of customer care. Friendly and professional customer service and technical support teams are available for product information and carry details of stockists and installers. Worcester Bosch also has a team of three hundred service engineers who are based throughout the UK and Ireland to carry out repairs and service equipment.

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