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  • Family Run Business
  • The Laverton fireplace
  • Stone fireplaces
  • Sawn Yorkstone paving
  • Yorkstone paving
  • Bath limestone stairs
  • Cotswold limestone staircase
  • Jerusalem limestone bowl
  • Limestone Basin
  • bay porch
  • Doorway
  • Doorway with canopy
  • Single light window
  • oval window surround
  • Cherub finials
  • Victorian style bench
  • Corinthian capital
  • Urn
  • Pier cap with ball
  • Exterior Stonework
  • Stone Balustrading

Wrights of Campden Company Profile

Wrights of Campden was established in 1974 and is a family owned and operated business specialising in the design, creation and provision of limestone products for architects, builders and private individuals. The company has produced an extensive range of architectural features for buildings, gardens and external spaces, ornaments, statues, stone flooring, garden furniture for restoration and new build projects.

Wrights is based in the Cotswolds and has a long history of working with Cotswold, Ancaster, Bath, Hornton, Portland and many other types of limestone. With skills obtained over many years, the company is committed to providing superior quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Pieces can be produced from a client's own picture, sketch or architects drawing or a completely new and individual bespoke design can be created to exact specification.


The stone is specifically sourced for each individual project. It is then fully tested for flaws and precisely sized ready for carving. A full-sized zinc template is produced, which is used by the masons to carve each component, prior to delivery the pieces are assembled to ensure the fit is perfect. The main materials stocked and supplied by Wrights are:

  • Cotswold Limestone: Locally quarried in the Cotswolds, Cotswold stone is a yellow oolitic limestone, often described as 'honey coloured yellow'. The main uses of Cotswold stone include building stone, doorways, porticos, windows, flooring and fireplaces.
  • Ancaster Limestone: Mainly used in modern buildings for flooring and facing projects, Ancaster stone offers a uniform colouration ranging from creamy white/beige to grey.
  • Bath Limestone: Bath Limestone is suited to internal and external applications for buildings and carving work. Widely used throughout southern England, Bath stone varies from cream buff to light buff.
  • Great Tew Ironstone: Great Tew Ironstone is a highly unique brown and blue vein block which uses date back over many centuries. This stone is not comparable with any other stone and offers unlimited opportunities.
  • Portland Limestone Portland Limestone has been specified as a building stone for many landmark buildings throughout the UK including Buckingham Palace and St Paul's Cathedral. Portland Limestone is a white-grey coloured stone featuring a fine grain.

The Robostone


The fabrication of the product range incorporates innovative machinery and skilled craftsmanship. Robostone is a robot with an articulated arm which can move almost anywhere through a 3-D space and specs out the shape and much of the profile. The finishing process is then completed by the stone mason. The Contourbreton CNC machine is specifically engineered to work with stone and will guarantee the maximum processing precision. The sawing and profiling machinery allows the creation of an endless spectrum of complex and detailed pieces. Every step of the manufacture is thoroughly tested by the company's banker masons, ensuring superior a quality and finish. The product range includes:


Every limestone fireplace from Wrights is hand finished to any size requested and is truly unique due to the individual characteristics of the stone. Available in Ancaster, Bath, Cotswold, Hornton and Portland limestone, the fireplaces can be based upon a standard range of designs or bespoke designed to individual specification. The designs include the Northwick, Blockley, Moreton, Campden, Evenlode, Buckland and Charingworth which will complement any modern or traditional interior.


Wrights of Campden has the experience and standards of quality to create a wide selection of interior pieces that combine modern designs with traditional craftsmanship for a functional, durable and elegant finish. Options include:

  • Flooring: There is a large selection of stone flooring and wall tiles available to cater for a broad spectrum of tastes and requirements. Options include Ancaster, Cotswold, Bath, Dijon, French Farmhouse, Jerusalem, Lisboa Cream, Marbella and Portland Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Granite, Porcelain, York Stone and Sandstone.
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms: Stone can be used widely within kitchens and bathrooms to create functional pieces and stunning effects. Wrights offer a range of standard and bespoke sinks, basins, worktops and splashbacks. The standard range of sinks and basins are often available for immediate delivery.
  • Staircases: Wrights of Campden can design an individual and unique bespoke staircase which is made to order in any size and shape, incorporating any detailing required. Completed designs have included curved and straight limestone staircases with a smooth or deep moulded underside.


The exterior range of products covers a wide spectrum of natural stone pieces in standard and bespoke designs. The range is continuously being developed and added to, providing quality products for restoration, landscaping and garden projects. Options include:

  • Birdbaths and sundial pedestals
  • Benches and tables
  • Bowls and urns
  • Fountains and ornaments
  • Paving
  • Reclaimed stonework
  • Prior commissions


Wrights of Campden has extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of architectural stonework and has designed a range of products that will last a lifetime. The company can provide comprehensive advice on restoration and reconstruction and has worked on weathered and damaged stone projects on many buildings across the country. There is a wide range of completely new items available including:

  • Windows
  • Doorways
  • Chimneys
  • Pier caps
  • Porticos
  • Balustrades
  • Building stone (Cotswold dry stone walling, split face, tumbled and chopped Guiting, Great Tew, Bath and Oathill stone, coursed stone walling and reclaimed stone)

The company prides itself on offering a wide and varied standard product range and a full bespoke design service. The company oversees the whole process from sourcing and testing the stone, through to design, fabrication and delivery, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. The friendly and skilled team at Wrights welcomes enquiries from private and commercial clients and is dedicated to listening and understanding individual requirements to provide a superior service coupled with world class craftsmanship.

For more detailed information please contact Wrights of Campden using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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