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About Coventry

In the Middle Ages Coventry was an important centre for the wool industry. Earl Leofric, one of the most powerful men in the country and his wife Lady Godiva (or Countess Godiva as she was properly known) also chose to reside here. The Bishop was also located here and this proved to be the catalyst for the growth of Coventry’s wealth and importance over the next three centuries

In architectural terms, many of the historic buildings have been lost. In spite of this the, city still has 15 Conservation Areas and a number of fine medieval buildings. The local council were presented with a blank canvas by the bombing of World War II. However, it seems that long before the war, proposals had been drafted by architect Donald Gibson to rebuild the out dated medieval city. Some may now have a different opinion of the architectural merits of the plan, but evidence suggests that the Council were sincere in believing that they were doing what was best for modern Coventry.

With much of the historic heart of Coventry flattened during the blitz, the modern city has inherited a perhaps undeserved architectural reputation for being a typical example of 1960s concrete ‘brutalism’. There is no doubt that concrete predominates on the ring road, with its mesmerising filter on - filter off slip roads and flyovers. Nevertheless, a more careful inspection of the majority of the post war buildings reveals good use of red brick, large windows and clean lines. Also more recently some of the features of the shopping precinct and the new cathedral have been heralded as examples of excellent architectural design. This has been followed by the completion of other impressive buildings in the city such as the Ricoh Arena.

From the 1950s the prosperity of the city relied for a major part on the car industry. Many of the larger employers and the car industry have now gone. Nevertheless, Jaguar and Rolls Royce still maintain a role in the city. The people of Coventry are also very proud of the reputations of the city’s internationally renowned University of Warwick and the city centre based Coventry University. Their presence has ensured that Coventry remains an important part of the country’s economy.