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About Doncaster

Orginally a Roman fort, Doncaster sits on the route of the Great North Road (now known as the A1) in South Yorkshire, 20 miles north of Sheffield. The success of this town has and is still inextricably linked to its location on this historical route between London and Edinburgh. Even now the advantages this location can offer has meant that major distribution centres and warehouses have grown up on the edge of the town and with the demise of the coal industry in the 1970's these services have taken over to ensure that Doncaster remains central to the economy of the area.

Doncaster also has an impressive built heritage and has 46 Conservation areas and 800 listed buildings. The Minster rebuilt in Victorian times still stands out on the skyline, but it is the more modern developments that have made Doncaster recently famous.

South Yorkshire has been targeted for funding from the European Regional Development Fund and in view of this, much re-development of the town has taken place. This has been particularly marked in the town centre and waterfront areas with an extension to the 1960’s Frenchgate shopping centre and the formation of the Doncaster Civic and Cultural quarter and the Education City Campus. With this influx of money, the Local Authority has recognised that they would need to carefully address modern development demands whilst protecting and enhancing the town’s architectural history. To this end the Doncaster Town Centre Master Plan has been formulated giving guidance to developers on materials and design.