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About Blackpool

Although most widely known as a seaside resort, Blackpool has played a significant part in the UK's construction and technological history. The town lies on the North West coast in Lancashire and boasts 7 miles of sandy beaches. It originally became popular in the 18th century as a seaside resort through the construction of a road which allowed visitors access from places further afield, such as Manchester.

With the advent of the railway system in the mid 1800s many people not only visited the town but moved there and Blackpool became one of the fastest growing populations in the UK at that time alongside its popularity as a seaside resort.

As a result Blackpool made some major headway in both industry and technology. As a pre runner to the Blackpool Illuminations, the promenade was the first street in the UK to have electric lighting and the tram which runs for 11 miles is now also one of the only first generation tramways still in existence.

Although the town has remained focused on tourism, there have been some major construction and engineering developments which set Blackpool apart, such as the Tower, a smaller replica of the Eiffel Tower, the Winter Gardens, the pleasure beach and 3 piers which all receive many visitors around the year.

Blackpool is home to many small and self employed businesses and as such offers a range of companies which can provide the local services needed to complete building projects whether domestic or commercial.