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About Cheltenham

More renowned today for its festivals of horse racing, music and literature and stylish shops, Cheltenham was historically one of the largest Spa towns in the country. Located on the edge of the Cotswolds, its architecture heritage is characterised by the promenades, squares and terraces of elegant regency town houses. Most of the buildings remain in good condition and are used in the manner for which they were intended. There is no doubt that it is this historic heritage that has also made modern Cheltenham a popular place to live and work.

Conservation of this regency inheritance is considered very important and great efforts are made to maintain its architectural integrity. The town houses display intricate iron work balconies, verandahs and painted stucco facades. Grand neoclassical pillars either side of the front door, front boundary railings and iron gates are also identifying features. The original iron railings were set separately into a plinth of grey sandstone, quarried in the nearby Forest of Dean and restoration of such features are carried out in the same manner. The decorative iron work is a particular feature of the regency period and was chosen by the original owners from large illustrated pattern books.

Multi paned windows with two timber frames or sashes are also synonymous with the Georgian period. Many of the buildings are Listed and therefore UPVC double glazed units are not considered appropriate replacements. However, the clever restoration of the original sash windows or sensitive secondary glazing has been successful in bringing some of these properties up to date whilst retaining their historical character.

The town although still an important tourist attraction, is now considered to be a regional shopping destination and along with its historical landmarks also provides a good number of modern arcades, precincts and department stores. The centre of town is still a vibrant area and is also home to many restaurants, bars and clubs. Cheltenham has been successful in combining the old and the new and currently provides inhabitants with all the facilities of modern life in an attractive and elegant setting.