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About Hull

Hull or Kingston upon Hull is located on the junctions of the Hull and the Humber rivers and has always provided important links for Yorkshire and the East Midlands with the sea. Originally it was established to provide a point for supplying the King's Army when fighting Scotland. The city has also been important for the import and export of wool, for brick and tile manufacturing and ship building.

Hull has in more recent times become a centre for the fishing industry and inextricably linked with deep-sea trawling. The fishing industry has struggled to survive all over the country however, to the dismay of many, the famous fish market of the "biggest fishing port in the world", has recently closed. The general economic crisis has also caused some setbacks to current regeneration plans, leaving the city with an even more uncertain future.

The shape and character of the city has been moulded by its' maritime history. The old town with its' medieval core is located to the north of the Humber and to the west of the river Hull. This area also contains good examples of the wealthy merchant's houses with their porticos and symmetrical small paned windows, particularly along High Street. Cobbled streets and narrow alleys link High Street to areas where the poorer workers would live. Remnants from medieval times include the church of the Holy Trinity which displays one of the earliest uses of brick in the country.

Brick was an important construction material in Hull and its use spread across Yorkshire. Hessle Road is similar to the old town and also forms one of the city’s 26 Conservation Areas and shows good use of both red and yellow brick together with grey slate. The Hessle foreshore is dominated by more recent architecture, that of the Humber bridge. The completion of water front redevelopment plans has been delayed and the swinging footbridge over the Hull postponed. Nevertheless, it is clear that Hull is already set to take full advantage of any new opportunities when the economy finally picks up.