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We want to ensure that you speak to the right people for your query and below are some guidelines about how to get in touch with the right person.

Please note;

We provide company information for building product manufacturers and suppliers, we do not sell products or supply items through the website.

A table showing when it is applicable to contact the construction centre
Action Contact The Construction Centre Contact a Company listed on the website
If you would like to change your company details on our website Yes  
If you would like to promote your company on our website Yes  
If you have comments, feedback or queries regarding the website Yes  
If you want to place an order for a product   Yes
If you want to email a company about their products or services   Yes
If you would like a quote for a potential product order   Yes
If you would would like a brochure from a company   Yes

Detailed instructions showing you how to contact the companies listed on our website below. If you wish to speak to The Construction Centre our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

If you are a visitor:

If you want to contact a product manufacturer, supplier or company you can click on the button more info in the top right hand corner of the logo box in the Products section of the website.

more info

If you want to send an individual email, brochure or quote request you can click on the appropriate red button in the Company Information Page.


If you want to send a multiple email to all the companies listed on a page use one of the three buttons to the left hand side of the logo boxes:

contact multiple companies
  • Send an email to all companies
  • Request a brochure from all companies
  • Request a quote from all companies

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