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Latest News: ACO Building Drainage bespoke solution for complex paved area

ACO Building Drainage bespoke solution for complex paved area

Contractors turned to ACO Building Drainage when they required a highly technical drainage solution for the paved areas outside the entrance to New Street station in Birmingham.

Paved area outside station

The station is used by more than 170,000 passengers per day and has undergone a five-year, £750-million transformation. It involved the creation of an iconic new atrium for the passenger concourse, improved platforms, new entrances and a range of facilities including the Grand Central shopping area measuring 450,000 sq feet and featuring more than 40 retail outlets.

Contractors MPB Structures had worked with the ACO Building Drainage team on numerous occasions and contacted them to design a bespoke solution for a complex paved area. The architectural design required the drainage to fit within 10 curved bands of paving and to feature shallow channel depths – something which other drainage companies could not achieve.

The drainage system also had to work with the waterproofing specified and deep slabs of up to 70mm in depth. As New Street station was still live during the construction work, the drainage also had to be quick and easy to install.

ACO Building Drainage designed a bespoke radial channel solution with 6mm uniformed joints which matched the channel covers provided by ACO Water Management. The team also designed an outlet for the channels, enabling them to deal with the deep slab design and technical practicalities of the site.

The company recognises that when you’re looking for a drainage system for an industrial or commercial facility, the drainage you choose needs to complement the building’s design and look as good as it performs.

Manufactured from fully pickle passivated stainless steel, ACO Building drainage systems combine aesthetic appeal with high performance, corrosion resistance and durability. The range is complemented with a comprehensive range of pipe products and accessories. An in-house design team use their expertise to provide technical support at every stage of a project.

ACO drainage is used across a wide range of commercial and industrial applications including: manufacturing and industrial sites; logistics facilities; offices; supermarkets, and shopping malls.

Radial channel grille

To get advice and technical guidance for your next project, please contact the in-house technical design team. You can also obtain a copy of the full product overview guide by emailing ACO Building Drainage.


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