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Latest News: Ahmarra nears completion of new fire door production facility

Ahmarra nears completion of new fire door production facility

Ahmarra have been manufacturing performance timber fire doors in Portsmouth for almost 30 years, but growing demand for bespoke doors meant that in 2012 they began to consider the possibility of relocating and found a brownfield site not far from their current location.

Fast forward to March 2019, after five years of negotiating to buy the land and another year seeking planning permission, construction on the purpose-built facility began.

When Ahmarra first began planning the new purpose-built premises, many of the building’s new features were designed to increase the energy efficiency, enabling them to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce the impact on the environment.

They have installed 800 solar PV panels on the south facing roof, capable of producing 250kw of electricity an hour on a sunny day, which will significantly reduce the electricity consumption. Solar PV panels were a natural addition to the Biomass boiler which is already in place for heating the factory, which is being relocated to the new site.

Construction of Ahmarra’s new fire door manufacturing facility and its surrounds, near Harts Farm Way in Havant, Hampshire, is nearing completion. Over 5 million pounds has been invested in the new production facility and its machinery, with the objective of producing engineered fire door sets in an increasingly more efficient, consistent and environmentally friendly way.


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