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Latest News: Althon concrete headwalls available as BIM objects

Althon concrete headwalls available as BIM objects

Althon has recently started creating a BIM library of its precast concrete headwalls.

Concrete headwalls

The headwall models will be available in file formats Revit, IFC and ADSK with 3 pipe connectors per headwall design.

All of Althon’s headwall models come under the Uniclass 2015 code PR_20_93_37 Precast Concrete Headwall Units and OmniClass Number Site Products. Althon can also provide 3D models is other file formats on request.

If you cannot see the headwall you are looking for or have a certain headwall in mind that you require as a BIM object or 3D model please email Althon at


Tel: 01603 488700

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