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Latest News: Bryn Thomas Cranes gives safety advice

Bryn Thomas Cranes gives safety advice

UK crane hire specialists Bryn Thomas Cranes know that safety is essential when operating a crane. In this article, company experts give advice on using cranes to lift heavy loads safely:

Safe crane operation

1. Avoid overloading cranes
Although this is relatively self-explanatory, it is something that is often overlooked. If you’re to get the most out of your crane hire, don’t be tempted to overload. Cranes that are expected to lift overly heavy loads are more likely to strain, which can result in snapping and breaking – leaving you with a serious problem.

2. Be mindful of hazards overhead
Before you attempt to operate the crane, think about the buildings that are in close vicinity. For your crane to operate efficiently, there needs to be sufficient space for it to move and lift goods without compromising the safety of the operator or load.

3. Understand how the crane works
Bryn Thomas Cranes provides CPA crane hire which allows you to carry out work in accordance with BS 7121, as well as LOLER regulations. If you choose this type of crane hire, you must provide an appointed person who is experienced with the way that the crane works and knows how to handle it safely.

4. Don’t be distracted
Although cranes do the hard work for you, this isn’t to say that you can use your phone whilst operating the crane! On the road, mobile phones can cause a distraction for car drivers and the same goes for crane hire. Cranes require your undivided attention to ensure that safety remains paramount.

5. Consider your surroundings
A crane is a fantastic way to elevate building materials but there are several factors that you need to consider if you’re to operate it safely. Crane hire can often be influenced by the changes in the environment – hence why you need to be aware of what’s going on around you. When operating the crane, you need to be mindful of schools that are nearby and consider whether traffic and hazard will increase at key times of the day.

6. Be prepared to change the plan
When hiring a crane, plans can – and probably will – change. You need to evaluate the situation carefully to allow for flexibility if this happens. Make sure that every aspect is accounted for, such as:

  • Appointed person
  • Competent operator
  • Competent signaller
  • Crane suitability
  • Risk assessments

Bryn Thomas Cranes can help you to plan the entire process and make sure that there is a safe system in place.

7. Check ground conditions
Although high specification cranes are designed to suit almost any project, it is still important to check the ground conditions to make sure that they are suitable and safe.

8. Use the right equipment
Obtain the equipment that you need prior to starting your project. Consult a specialist like Bryn Thomas Cranes if you have any uncertainty. Their services are backed up by a team of qualified professionals who have unrivalled experience.

9. Understand the basics
Bryn Thomas Cranes has worked in the industry for more than 15 years and can help you to gain a quick understanding of the way hire equipment works – ensuring that the cranes are operated safely.

10. Inspect equipment
The fleets provided by Bryn Thomas Cranes are regularly inspected and assessed for mechanical, electrical and structural issues. The team understands what equipment needs and the best way to maintain it.

The most guaranteed way to ensure safety is to leave lifting to the professionals. To find out more about our Bryn Thomas Crane Hire services, call 01352 733 984 or visit the website.


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