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Latest News: Bryn Thomas Cranes helps dairy stay ahead of the herd

Bryn Thomas Cranes helps dairy stay ahead of the herd

When an international dairy farm needed new tanks installed for a large plant expansion at its North Wales facility, Bryn Thomas Cranes was called in to support one of its long-standing customers, MG Engineering.

Tanks being installed

The project was to install a total of six 25-tonne tanks under CPA Contract Lifting Conditions of Hire. The tanks were installed using 100 tonne & 50 tonne Grove GMK’s.

With careful planning from the Bryn Thomas Technical Team, the lifting plan was developed which addressed all the concerns from the client.

The company’s fully trained CPCS operatives were briefed on the lift, including all Health and Safety matters behind it. The lift was managed by a CPCS competent and qualified supervisor, who ensured the lift was carried out according to plan, but also with the knowledge to address any unforeseeable issues.

Adam Greaves, MD of MG Engineering, comments: “We were delighted with the co-operation and co-ordination between all parties involved in the project. The project was planned and delivered in the correct timeframe. The contract lifting team from Bryn Thomas Cranes were excellent as always and we shall continue our excellent partnership on future projects throughout the UK.”


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