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Latest News: Contractors keeping Icon Pushfits to hand for emergency situations

Contractors keeping Icon Pushfits to hand for emergency situations

Flexseal’s Icon Pushfit has grown so popular with both merchants and end-users that contractors are keeping stocks to hand.


The product, launched last year, offers an internal connection solution to 4in plastic pipes where a connection is not possible on the external surface of a pipe.

“Our merchant network has been an extremely important part of our overall strategy for this product,” stated Ricky Hasprey, National Sales Manager for Flexseal. “The merchants have done an excellent job of raising the awareness of the new solution and the end-users that are taking it on seem to be responding well to it. The feedback we’ve had is that contractors are keeping stocks in their vehicles ready for when they come across a problem pipe, which is exactly the situation we expected when designing the product.”

The new Icon Pushfit is designed to save hours of labour time when a pipe has been cut at a wall or floor. Therefore, the value in having stock of the product to hand in those unexpected situations is significant.

Flexseal has now introduced additional Pushfit sizes to the range in order to offer a complete pushfit solution.


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