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Latest News: Good Directions teams up with Team Eleven

Good Directions teams up with Team Eleven

Good Directions take immense pride in their work and always go above and beyond to make sure they are at the forefront of innovation and able to produce the latest and greatest time pieces.


They recently had the absolute pleasure to work with Team Eleven, a marketing company based up in Bradford Upon Avon, who were looking for a bespoke and unique clock for their workplace building which would not only stand out in the busy hustle and bustle of the high street but would also look stylish and inviting enough to attract new customers and clients.

Working off a design provided by Team Eleven, Good Directions produced this double-sided drum clock, which houses two fantastic acrylic dials. The primary focal point of this clock was to highlight the number eleven on the clock faces. The purpose of this was to not only create synergy with their own brand name ‘Team Eleven’, but also provided a look and feel which is sleek and stylish simultaneously. This elegant dial capitalises on a simple, yet effective aesthetic style and is sure to leave a positive and ever lasting impression on people for the years to come.


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