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Latest News: Lightweight Metrotile roofs can withstand worst of British weather

Lightweight Metrotile roofs can withstand worst of British weather

With a cold, wet and windy winter still fresh in our memories, lightweight steel roofing systems manufacturer Metrotile UK considers how effective different types of roofing are against the elements in this article:

Lightweight Metrotile roof

Whatever type of roofing you get, one of the most important questions you’re going to have is how effective it is against the weather. Especially in the UK where harsh wind and rain are commonplace all year round, you’ll need roof tiles that can stand up to the punishment.

So, the question remains, can lightweight roof tiles do that? Well, the good news is yes, they can! Just because they are lightweight does not mean they’ll have a weaker performance against the elements. In fact, the opposite is true in many circumstances because lightweight roof tiles are usually stronger than their heavier, traditional counterparts, says Metrotile.

Metal roof tiles usually win out against other materials such as clay tiles, they look more uniform, they have more variation and to many people they simply look more stylish. But look past the cosmetic differences for now and focus on their strength against the elements.

Clay roofing tiles might seem strong; after all, they are one of the most popular styles of tile. However, when they are compared to Metrotile’s lightweight metal roofing tiles in scientific tests, lightweight tiles are very similar if not better performing than the more traditional clay tiles.

While roofing blowing away is certainly rare, it can happen! Rain and wind often come together which means your roofing will be a cause for concern.

Heavier materials like concrete roofing are also weak to the elements. They do have a high wind resistance but high winds can still knock them free, especially if they have already been damaged due to rain and hail exposure. And while concrete roofing tiles are strong they are prone to weathering so if you live in an area that sees a lot of harsh weather expect to be carrying out regular tile inspections and replacements.

Lightweight metal roof tiles may seem weaker at first but they stand up in independent tests. This means that when you look at everything they really offer the best package; they are more versatile and weather resistant which will help them withstand higher wind speeds. They are also nailed down which gives them extra strength and resistance.

Metrotile’s lightweight roof tiles are used by contractors and leading conservatory fabricators across the UK. Conservatories can be transformed into spaces that can be enjoyed and used all year round and lightweight metal tiles can help bring down energy costs due to the improved insulation properties compared to glass or PVC roofs. The tiles can be placed on existing PVC building frames without causing any potentially damaging stress on the framework.

The unique 40-year weatherproof guarantee offered by Metrotile provides certainty that these roofs will withstand the wind and rain always associated with the British weather.

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