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Latest News: Maccaferri designs and installs retaining wall at commercial site

Maccaferri designs and installs retaining wall at commercial site

Working as a specialist installer for Winvic Construction, Maccaferri has provided a design, supply and install service to construct several gabion and gabion Terramesh® System walls at Optimus Point in Leicester.

4.5m retaining wall at Optimus Point

Optimus Point is a popular and sought-after location for warehouse/distribution in the UK and sits off junction 21a of the M1. This 65-acre site, which is still under development, will provide industrial warehouses and distribution facilities ranging from 30,000 sq. ft. to 150,000 sq. ft. once completed.

Maccaferri Construction has installed a 4.5m high gabion Terramesh wall to retain ground forming the plot which has been occupied by Geary’s Bakery and allow for the levelling of the site which will be occupied by James Latham timber merchants. A 3m high mass gravity gabion wall was also constructed to the south of the plot.

Both the gabion Terramesh and gabion wall were constructed using Maccaferri’s BBA double twist woven mesh which is polymeric coated to give a 120 year design life on this project.

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