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Latest News: Maccaferri designs, supplies and installs a gabion wall in Northampton

Maccaferri designs, supplies and installs a gabion wall in Northampton

Working as a specialist contractor for Winvic Construction, Maccaferri provided a design, supply and installation service to construct a gabion wall at the new Decathlon Sports Retail distribution centre at Brackmills Industrial Estate in Northampton.

Gabion wall at Brackmills

French sports retail company Decathlon is doubling the size of its distribution operation at Brackmills by developing a 172,000sq ft warehouse facility adjacent to its existing logistics hub.

Maccaferri installed an 80 m long and 3.5 m high gabion wall to retain an earth embankment at a pinch point with the site boundary. The earth embankment had been created to screen the industrial development from the surrounding countryside and was a key planning requirement.

The earth embankment also enabled a large quantity of excavated material to be disposed of within the site boundary and eliminated the need for multiple vehicle journeys to deposit this material away from the site, thus enhancing the green credentials of the project.

The gabion wall was constructed using Maccaferri’s polymer coated Galmac Zn-Al 5% double twist woven mesh gabions. The flexible nature of this mesh made it the ideal solution to cope with potential settlement of the earth embankment retained by the gabions.

The polymer coating of the Galmac Zn-Al 5% double twist wire mesh will ensure the structure has a design life of 120 years.

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