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Latest News: Maccaferri rockfall protection allows police training at old quarry

Maccaferri rockfall protection allows police training at old quarry

Maccaferri’s SteelGrid® HR 100 PVC kit and polymeric coated Double Twist rockfall netting have proved to be the ideal solution to a dangerous problem at a former Somerset quarry.

Rockfall protection at old quarry

A new training facility had been constructed at the Portishead quarry for the Avon & Somerset Police. The area above was an issue so Tony Gee & Partners provided Galliford Try with a design for protection works. A rockfall barrier was needed to be put in place at the toe of the slope.

This project saw high potential of rockfall from different areas including loose blocks on the crest of the face and loose masses at the top of the pinnacle. The proposed solution to this dangerous problem was Maccaferri’s Double Twist mesh to the two upper faces and its SteelGrid® HR100 PVC to the lower face.

SteelGrid® HR100 was also used for the pinnacle with anchorages. The purpose of this system is to restrain rock mass and prevent movement. The west part of the pinnacle was protected using Maccaferri’s DT Mesh.


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