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Latest News: New configurator from Knauf AMF provides virtual room design in real time

New configurator from Knauf AMF provides virtual room design in real time

ARoom is a new configurator from Knauf AMF, which translates the design concepts of architects and designers in real time into reality. Individually created ceiling and wall solutions can be simulated in existing rooms using augmented reality. ARoom supports designers in making their ideas conceivable for clients.

Virtual room configurator

The customer experiences an impressive combination of a high-quality acoustic solution and individual design. Dominik Mandl, Head of Online Marketing at Knauf AMF, explains: “Through the creativity of architects and designers, the optical effect of our products first unfolds in the overall context of the architecture. We want to help the market partners to discover the virtually unlimited possibilities of using our products and at the same time awaken the desire to try out a wide variety of design options - even those that may be a bit out of the ordinary.”

The configurator can either be accessed via PC / laptop at or simply via the tablet app. The augmented reality function runs on common smartphones or tablets (iOS / Android). By registering a user account, you can access your projects with any device.

How it works
After installing the app, the designer has the opportunity to create a free user account. If the user is logged in, they can start their own project or add to a template created by Knauf AMF according to their individual ideas and needs. The wall to be designed including windows, doors, radiators etc. is defined by entering the room dimensions. Then it gets creative. The designer can select the desired elements from the wide range of colours, shapes and surfaces and place them where required in the room. The highlight of ARoom: Through Augmented Reality, these designs can be virtually placed and viewed in the existing room.

The completed project can be exported and shared with other users of the configurator. A PDF document can be generated and sent to the registered e-mail address, a detailed material list and instructions for processing are also included.

Dominik Mandl added: “We have currently started with the HERADESIGN® creative product range, but will soon be expanding the spectrum with AMF THERMATEX® wall absorbers including a photo upload function, ceiling rafts and baffle systems. Within the next year we will also integrate Knauf AMF ceiling systems.”


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