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Latest News: Servaclean teams up with Radisson Blu Glasgow

Servaclean teams up with Radisson Blu Glasgow

Servaclean is thrilled to have once again partnered with the Radisson Blu team, this time at their spectacular Glasgow hotel and Grahamston Bar.

Island bar at Radisson Blu

We were very excited when we got asked to plan the bar operating layout of what is set to be one of Glasgow’s hottest bars.

Through its interior style, the bar jumps head-first into the tales of Glasgow’s forgotten village, with its 82-metre square, rectangular island bar taking centre stage.

With Servaclean’s detailed planning and fixed bar offering, the company was able to install a purpose-built stainless steel bar system which created the ideal behind-bar facility and adhered to the operating standards of Radisson Blu venues.

Staff can now easily serve guests their extensive selection of craft beers, exotic spirits, impressive whisky and fine wines from within the centre of the island bar.

Decorated by a gently glowing canopy, which is supported by elegant rose gold framing (designs by Jim Hamilton, Graven Images), the Grahamston Bar is the perfect combination of form and function.

Director of Operations of Radisson Blu Glasgow, Adrian Humphries, said: “It was clear from our initial meeting with Servaclean that they fully understood the Radisson Blu operating standards required for our new bar and clearly presented these in their professional CAD layout drawings.

“The final installation was just as impressive, with every ounce of space behind the bar utilised to provide our operating staff with the ideal platform to meet our guests’ demands for the highest level of customer service at all times.

“I would recommend Servaclean to anyone considering a new bar counter or refurbishment of their existing bar areas.”

The Servaclean team could not be prouder of the results.


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