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Latest News: Stocksigns helps to put a stop to vandalism

Stocksigns helps to put a stop to vandalism

With graffiti being associated with crime and bad behaviour and spoiling the family friendly feel of villages or the feeling of safety in cities, signs manufacturer Stocksigns has come up with a range of graffiti-resistant products.

Important information

The cost of vandalism
Vandalism can destroy personal, company and local government property. Even if the attacked item is not destroyed, it nonetheless is very inconvenient and costly to remove.

Network Rail spends approximately £5million per year cleaning up graffiti, while the London Underground spends close to a staggering £10million per year, proving that vandalism is a huge problem.

Markings that obscure the purpose of the sign can be dangerous so it is essential that the messages of road signs or warnings are clear to the public.

The team at the Stocksigns Group aims to reduce the inconvenience and cost associated with graffiti by offering signage that is graffiti and permanent-marker resistant. These qualities are particularly useful as removing graffiti rapidly has been shown to help reduce the likelihood of re-offending, as vandals thrive off the chance to showcase their work.

How can graffiti resistant products help
Although no sign can claim to be completely damage proof, Stocksigns offers a wide range of graffiti resistant products. One of these products is Vitreous Enamel, a product that has been present for over 100 years and is renowned as one of the most hard-wearing, vandal-resistant signage options.

The process of creating a Vitreous Enamel sign involves the fusion of an image onto glass coated steel in a furnace at temperatures up to 800oC, creating a sign with a lifespan of over 40 years. The finished signs have a high quality, vibrant, lustrous finish with fire retardant and fade resistant qualities, making them a popular choice for places where signs need to be long lasting in harsh environments.

Stocksigns can also supply a range of durable signs which provide many of the benefits of Vitreous Enamel. With vibrant colours, hard-wearing coatings and various metal options, they are robust and convenient vandal resistant signage and will last for over 10 years.

Extend the life of your signs
Keen to offer products that are suitable for all applications, Stocksigns can also apply a protective overlay film (POF) on the majority of standard signs to extend the lifespan by up to 3 years. These are commonly used on construction sites and around local communities as the POF creates a surface which can be easily cleaned to rid graffiti with the use of specialist graffiti remover or just a simple microfibre cloth and water or acetone.

Protective covering

Managing Director of the Stocksigns Group, Danny Adamson, said: “Vandalism always poses problems in society, so we aim to maintain and discourage damage to signage with our range of vandal resistant solutions, suitable for all levels of requirements. Recovering signs from incidences of graffiti creates a much longer lifespan making them more cost efficient. Speed of removal also decreases time spent cleaning and restoring signage, diverting staff resources and money back to areas that require them.”


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