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Latest News: Terrace waterproofed with Newton products

Terrace waterproofed with Newton products

Newton Specialist Basement Contractor CCL was commissioned by Redbridge Building Contractors to design, supply and install a comprehensive structural and terrace waterproofing system to a luxury new build property in St Georges Hill in Surrey.

NuSeal-LM applied to the terrace

The work included waterproofing an extensive podium deck and balcony with three Newton Waterproofing Systems products.

CCL installed the Newton System 500 internal Type C Cavity Drain Membrane system to the Type B reinforced concrete box structure to provide a combined waterproofing solution as recommended for habitable accommodation in accordance with BS8102:2009.

The internal drained cavity system offers the ultimate contingency plan to capture any water ingress that may occur through the joints in the concrete structure. CCL installed the Newton Titan-Pro sump system, complete with full battery backup protection.

CCL installed Newton Acriflex Winter as the waterproofing solution to all the interlinked balconies and terraces. Acriflex is a twin component flexible acrylic waterproofing system which is applied via roller to the mechanically prepared concrete.

Once prepared, Newton NuSeal-LM was roller-applied in two coats to act as a primer and vapour barrier. The Acriflex was applied and Newton 207 DeckDrain double cuspated drainage membrane was applied over the Acriflex to protect the waterproofing layer and move any water to designated drainage outlets designed within the podium deck structures.

To complete the terrace areas, stone paviours were laid on a 50mm sand blinding layer.

Newton Acriflex Winter applied to balcony

Acriflex Winter, NuSeal-LM and 207 DeckDrain were ideal for this terrace waterproofing project.


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