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Latest News: Trio-vision cameras come to UK through Source One Environmental

Trio-vision cameras come to UK through Source One Environmental

Last month saw the official launch in the UK of camera systems from Trio-Vision, via their exclusive UK distributor Source One Environmental (S1E).

Robot 200

“Representing Trio-Vision in the UK is our latest step in bringing high quality, innovative technologies to the drainage repair industry,” stated Glenn Cartledge, S1E MD. “Trio-Vision are specialists in their field, with over a decade of experience. They have developed strong products that are covered by numerous patents and copyrights – the result is a range of durable, yet competitive, inspection systems.”

Two camera ranges are being launched:

  • The Xplorer wireless pole camera. This lightweight, portable camera is used for fast and accurate initial assessments of assets by lowering it into a manhole, where its condition can be instantly viewed as well as the pipelines that extend from it. The camera is easy to operate and provides HD photos and videos.
  • Trio-Vision steerable crawler cameras are offered in two sizes: the 150 system will accommodate DN150-300 pipes as standard and up to DN600 with an elevator; the 200 system covers pipes of DN200 to DN1200 as standard, but the addition of a customised cradle offers use in pipelines of up to 2m. Both versions include flexible pan-tilt-zoom functionality, video recording & daylight-readable touch-screen monitors as standard. Optional extras include a laser measurement tool.

The cameras were initially on show at S1E’s Open Day in June and at No-Dig Live in September. Orders are now being taken.

“Feedback from experienced contractors, who took a good look at the products during the events, was extremely positive, with lots being impressed with the solidity of the product build,” commented Glenn.

Pole camera

S1E has established a partnership with UK specialist service centres for local servicing. “We have put in place arrangements so that any servicing needs for the Trio-Vision range can be accommodated in the UK and as swiftly as possible, without the need to send any item back to the manufacturer,” explained Glenn.


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