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Latest News: Urban Front details latest door trends

Urban Front details latest door trends

As 2019 progresses apace, doors manufacturer Urban Front looks at the trends for this year – and finds some popular styles from last year are still going strong - with a bit more development. The following looks are on trend, says Urban Front:

Vintage bronze and copper

Metallic and Steel
The Metallics trend is still very strong with copper and bronze as the forerunners. There has been a steep interest in the ‘industrial look’ as well with Corten steel and blackened steel gaining in trend. That rough beauty look certainly seems to be gaining steam.

Doors in this finish can be expensive but solve a lot of problems with colour matching and wood maintenance. They also really help the wow factor.

Texture and Pattern
Texture, pattern and character are all in force for this new season of trends. Creating expression and depth is exciting and when it comes to wood, this is very achievable. With its warmth and grainy texture, wood is a clear winner as it is so easy to change in design and surface.

Dark hardwoods like Fumed Oak and Iroko are still very popular too, so with geometric patterns it’s easy to create character and definition.

Smart Doors
Having the ability to control everything from your phone isn’t new but is more in demand than ever. Finger print entry, and motorised app-controlled locks are all the rage as you don’t even need a key - a swipe of your finger does it all for you.

Bold and black are both back! Matte black in particular is a bold and refined choice. Rust red, pastels, earthy tones and definitely making a statement is the way to go.

Ethically Considered Design
The longevity focus continues this year even with more interest than before. Provenance isn’t a new concept but is definitely how a lot of clients are thinking about the products they buy. Where does it come from and what is it doing to the planet? They like to know that the design itself has been considered carefully and produced to be recyclable and from a replanted forest. All of Urban Front’s timbers are considered like this and with the introduction of steel doors the company is reducing the issue of more waste.

Going Big
Last but not least, Big doors are definitely getting very popular. If there is no way to go wide, then definitely go tall. This doesn’t mean the door has to be on a pivot - concealed hinges work just as well.

Mainly clients are putting large doors into architectural glass walls but they look just as impressive in standard frontages.


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