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Latest News: Vector Foiltec ETFE canopies help regeneration of large retail park

Vector Foiltec ETFE canopies help regeneration of large retail park

Ireland’s largest dedicated outlet has been given a major overhaul which included large Texlon® ETFE canopies from Vector Foiltec.

Roof at Outlet Bainbridge

The introduction of the canopies at Outlet Retail Park, in the Banbridge area of Northern Ireland, has provided protection from Ireland’s famously inclement weather and has also contributed to a whole new modern and exciting look for the retail park.

The upgrade was undertaken in response to the results of a customer survey which asked for the opinions of those using the retail park, which holds a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes. The architect for the regeneration was London based Turnerbates Design and Architecture.

The ETFE canopies, which cover an area 2,500 m², are formed from seven separate, but co-joined canopies, forming a horseshoe shaped roof over the retail park walkways. The supporting steel structure was fabricated and installed by local company Woodburn Engineering.

It was essential that all of the installation took place during the night to enable the retail park businesses to continue normal hours of operation. This also ensured the safety of all construction site workers and retail park users.

The ETFE canopy system has been designed to maintain a naturally lighted environment but it also accommodates the acoustics associated with the typical activities within the retail park. Those activities include noise created during prolonged rainfalls naturally occurring in the region.

Naturally lit canopy

The use of ETFE has helped to promote a comfortable and pleasant environment for all users of the retail park.


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