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Latest News: Vortice industrial range for the food sector helps maintain hygiene standards

Vortice industrial range for the food sector helps maintain hygiene standards

Vortice understands that hygiene standards compliance is the highest priority in food production and food processing, so has a range of air handling units specifically-designed to meet these industry requirements.

In these environments, bacterial contamination within the air handling units can spread in the air distribution systems, causing damage to the product and to the health of the consumer. This situation can result in very high costs that often quickly exceed the investment in a suitable air handling unit.

The Steelclean series of air handling units by Vortice has been designed specifically for the food industry. Every single part is completely sterilisable and easy to clean because the surfaces are sealed and can withstand approved cleaning agents and disinfection methods.

Key features include:

  • The internal structure of the units is made of chambers with watertight modules in AISI 304 strong thickness stainless steel which is manually TIG-welded.
  • All internal chambers are designed and built completely rounded and without sharp edges or corners that cannot be reached, to avoid the accumulation of dirt and facilitate hygienic operations, so as to reach the maximum level of hygiene.
  • Drain pans with steep slopes and adequate drains, ensuring perfect drainage of hygienic liquids and the absence of stagnation of condensation.

Vortice offers a full design service including bespoke technical data sheets which are generated via the Vortice Fan Selection Software.

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