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Latest News: Wallbarn M-Trays easy way to make garden bin store more attractive

Wallbarn M-Trays easy way to make garden bin store more attractive

A residential customer recently installed a garden storage unit and wanted to make it more attractive by giving it a green roof. Wallbarn’s M-Tray®, being modular in shape and incredibly easy to install, lent itself perfectly to the job.

M-Tray roof on bin store

The green roof components needed to be walked through the house to access the garden. Traditional roll-out green roof systems, with their bags of aggregate-based substrate and sedum blankets spilling compost and plant matter, are extremely messy to transport and install. The M-Tray® is self-contained within the walls of the plastic tray and comes with fully established, sustainable vegetation.

Whether working on a large or small project, it’s easy to work out how many M-Trays® one needs because each module is 500 sq mm, meaning four units make a square metre.

To protect the original roof of the bin store unit, Wallbarn first laid down a layer of geotextile membrane.

Aluminium edging bar was then used to provide a neat hem around the trays. The edging bar can be easily cut to correct size using a hacksaw. Wallbarn’s aluminium corner correctors were then applied to keep the complete unit securely in place.

The M-Trays® clip together easily, allowing the sedum to blend together, providing a beautiful, seamless finish.

All of the elements required for the job: geotextile membrane, aluminium edging bar, corner correctors and the M-Trays® units themselves, were all supplied by Wallbarn and delivered next day.

If you are considering installing a green roof have a chat to one of the Wallbarn team on 020 8916 2222 or email They will walk you through the options and help you scope out your project accurately and cost-effectively.



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