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Latest News: Wallbarn M-Trays provide green view for airport hotel guests

Wallbarn M-Trays provide green view for airport hotel guests

Guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Heathrow can now enjoy a view of a green garden in the sky instead of a dull expanse of bitumen, thanks to an installation using Wallbarn M-Trays®.

M-Trays being lifted onto roof

The greening of the rooftop overlooked by hotel bed rooms involved gaining access to the roof through a busy working hotel. This could have been an issue, were it not for the highly portable shape of Wallbarn’s specially-designed M-Trays®.

They are easily transported to site by pallet and can then be stacked neatly onto a parcel trolley. Each M-Tray® unit is self-contained and needs no additional aggregate which means zero disruption, zero mess.

The M-Trays® were taken up onto the roof itself using a mini genie lift and slotted into position in a matter of hours. They were then dressed around the edges with gravel.

Installation was fast and effective, taking only a day.

Alternative green roof solutions take a long time to establish themselves. For example a roll-out green roof can take many months just to recover from the shock of being installed. Whereas Wallbarn’s M-Trays®, having mature, established root systems, are bedded-in within four months of installation and begin to flower with stunning results.

Garden view from bedrooms

Ultimately, installing Wallbarn’s M-Trays® system allowed the hotel to convert an unsightly bitumen rooftop into a green and vibrant sky garden for guests to enjoy from their bedrooms.


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