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Latest News: Westbury experience pays off for listed building refurbishment

Westbury experience pays off for listed building refurbishment

The owners of an extended, detached cottage in rural Essex turned to Westbury Windows and Joinery when looking to replace the rundown windows and conservatory of this listed building.

Cottage with conservatory

A complete refurbishment was need because the existing glazed areas provided little insulation and had significant issues with leaking, but the building’s listed status imposed limitations on the project. Westbury Windows and Joinery has years of experience in listed building work and expertise in gaining consent.

In order to conserve the character of the building (and to achieve listed building consent), Westbury replaced the windows with cottage style casements finished using white micro-porous water based paint. A simple glazing bar across the middle gave them added character without being too ostentatious or too modern.

The deep profiles and traditional flush finish pleased the listed buildings officer, as did Westbury’s ability to work around the original oak beams of the barn by creating a bespoke ‘cornerless’ window.

The front door and sidelights were replaced with a new panelled oak version and a glazed screen, for which Westbury is synonymous, was installed in the barn. This not only gives the homeowners a lovely view of their duck pond but also creates a greater sense of light and space inside.

Glazed screen

The cold, leaky conservatory was replaced with a high tech version that is now used all year round as a dining and sitting room.


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