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  • New Simplis sanitiser range

    New Simplis sanitiser range

    Simplis, sister company of the Access Panel Company, has introduced a range of sanitiser stations to keep staff and customers safe in the workplace.

    The Simply Sanitise range can be tailored to company needs through optional colour changes and branding.

    Simplis also supplies 5L hand gel refills to keep the sanitiser stations topped up.

  • Greenbarnes self-healing rubber pinboard

    Greenbarnes self-healing rubber pinboard

    Self-healing rubber pinboard material provides the ideal solution for those struggling to hammer drawing pins into the rock-hard surface of an old noticeboard or who are tired of breaking fingernails trying to remove notices.

    6mm thick and light grey in colour, Greenbarnes’ self-healing rubber pinboard is the ideal substrate for noticeboards. Drawing pins can be inserted and removed easily with no need for tools whilst posters are held securely. Even better, due to its “self-healing” nature, unlike conventional pinboard materials, the pinholes disappear when the pins are removed.

    Fixing is straightforward using any proprietary contact adhesive. Best of all, this self-healing rubber pinboard is completely weatherproof and hence is equally suitable for use on glazed and unglazed boards, even in a marine environment.

    Self-healing pinboard is supplied in roll form in widths up to 1250mm.

  • Fakro introduces VisTech Sash and Casement windows

    Fakro introduces VisTech Sash and Casement windows

    A new range of beautifully engineered vertical windows made by Fakro is now available from the manufacturer’s merchant partner website RW4Y.

    These VisTech sash and casement window solutions are bespoke designed and crafted individually for any home and offer both high security and outstanding U-values.

    Manufactured in FSC ethically sourced timber, the VisTech range of casement and sash windows has been developed with easy installation at the core. Like Fakro’s roof windows, they help insulate rooms from the elements and outside noise and provide high levels of anti-burglary protection.

    VisTech sash or casement windows are protected by a special four stage painting process and can be specified in a range of colours including Duck Egg Blue, Chartwell Green and Grey.

  • Vortice launches the Vort Quadro dMEV

    Vortice launches the Vort Quadro dMEV

    Vortice has announced the launch of a new de-centralised continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) system complying with system 3 of the building regulations.

    This sleek and stylish new fan comes in four models, a standard and a timer with humidity control (T-HCS), both available in a surface mounted and a recessed design.

    Units are equipped with a trickle and boost function, with one of four trickle functions (ranging from 5 to 12 litres per second) The timer function allows the user to programme the boost mode to come on immediately or after 45, 90 or 120 seconds” selected at the time of wiring.

    The fan is PCDB Listed offering low power consumption with low specific fan powers on both through the wall and ducted applications. The unit is also extremely quiet and has a hinged cover which allows for easy maintenance to the filters.

    Sales Manager Paul Gunner said: “This fantastic new de-centralised continuous mechanical extract fan offers Italian aesthetic style, is energy efficient and extremely quiet.”

  • Green-tech cleaner helps to prevent the spread of Covid-19

    Green-tech cleaner helps to prevent the spread of Covid-19

    The latest addition to the Green-tech product range is Clean Shield multi-surface cleaner; effective against 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi including Covid-19, Norovirus, Ebola and MERS.

    Green-tech’s Sales Director Richard Gill comments: “Over the past 5 months we have had many enquiries for equipment cleaners that are effective in sanitising all your essential tools. Whether you’re cleaning out your van at the end of a long day or prior to a site visit - CleanShield is effective and requires no mixing with water. It is also alcohol-free, so it won’t irritate your skin. It is already proving very popular and is available to order now in 1L and 5L containers.”

    CleanShield multi-surface cleaner is the latest product that has been added to Green-tech’s growing range of site essentials and workwear. It can be mopped, sprayed or wiped onto floors, walls, surfaces and equipment and is not flammable, making it easier for storage and transportation.

  • New vermin gratings from Althon

    New vermin gratings from Althon

    Althon has just launched two new Vermin Gratings, the pipe mounted vermin gate in 304 stainless steel and also the vermin mesh grille PN16 flange in 316 stainless steel.

    Pipe mounted vermin gates in 304 stainless steel are hinged at the top to allow passage in the direction of flow but will prevent rats and other vermin climbing back up the pipe.

    Vermin mesh grilles with a PN16 flange in 316 stainless steel are designed to fit between two flanged pipes or fittings, or at the end of a flanged pipe run to prevent rodents and other vermin entering connecting pipework.

    For more information or for pricing please contact the Althon sales team by email or by telephone on 01603 488700.