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Press Room: ACO Building Drainage brings cheer to micro brewery owners

ACO Building Drainage brings cheer to micro brewery owners

ACO Building Drainage came up with a solution for a Northamptonshire micro brewery that needed a drainage system that could cope with high flow rates, be easy-to-clean, capable of dealing with heavy loads caused by on site traffic and be fully compatible with the brewery’s tiled flooring.

Gratings and gullies

Braybrooke Brewery is a small privately-owned brewery which was recently constructed at Lower Lodge Farm near the village of Braybrooke. Founded by Cameron Emirali and Luke Wilson, formally of Soho restaurant ‘10 Greek Street’, and beer distributor Nick Trower, the brewery is focused on brewing lager and German styles of bier.

ACO Building Drainage was approached by Ben Skinner of contracting firm, Skinner Brothers, to provide advice about the type of drainage required for the project.

Following extensive consultations with Skinner Brothers and the brewery owners along with numerous on-site visits, ACO Building Drainage specified its popular Modular 125 channel with gully tops and gully 218 bodies, C250 ladder gratings which could cope with loads caused by on site traffic, and sediment baskets. The specification of removable ladder gratings also minimised cleaning costs and optimised hygiene for the brewery.

Having never previously completed a brewery installation, Ben Skinner and his team relied heavily upon the experience and expertise of the ACO Building Drainage team who provided technical support at every stage of the project from system design through to installation. The project was successfully completed on budget and on time.

Drainage is critical to the success of any food and drink manufacturing facility whether you’re an international brewer or a manufacturer of ready meals for a major supermarket. It impacts upon hygienic performance, sustainability and profitability, and ultimately upon public health. ACO Building Drainage designs and manufactures drainage products that deliver the ultimate hygienic performance and the company’s HygieneFirst philosophy underpins its entire approach to product development.

To get advice and technical guidance for your next project, please contact the in-house technical design team. You can also obtain a copy of ACO Building Drainage’s full product overview guide by emailing the team.


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