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Press Room: All Urban Front e80 hinged doorsets now meet Part Q as standard

All Urban Front e80 hinged doorsets now meet Part Q as standard

Urban Front is excited to announce that all of its e80 hinged standard doorsets will now be made to meet Part Q building regulations.

Urban Front hinge

All doors up to 1200 x 2400mm with or without glass vision panels with a standard hinge and multipoint locking are offered with full LPS1175 Grade 2 security testing and Secure by Design which meets Part Q. This is now as standard at no extra cost to Urban Front clients.

Doors with bespoke detail, pivot hinges or oversized should fall under Appendix B of Part Q. Many people are having trouble with being fully clear on what is and isn’t acceptable for building regs in terms of their front door. This is an issue mainly because even if a door is tested for security it’s practically impossible to test every bespoke option.

After a door is tested, if you change one tiny detail (the lock or a frame section) it is no longer covered by that security certification without further testing. This means that standard doors on a hinge fall under the standard and are fine. But if your door is oversized, pivot or has other specialised locking then it is no longer covered under Part Q unless it’s under Appendix B. Appendix B covers bespoke options and really it all comes down to the Building Regulations officer looking after your project.

If the officer is satisfied that the door is acceptable even if it hasn’t been tested, then they will allow you to use it. It is extremely important not to wait until your door is installed to make sure it meets their requirements as then you are risking changes and worse still having to remove the door completely.

Give Urban Front a call or read the company blog for a list of the Part Q rules and the Appendix B information.


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