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Press Room: Cytech installs smart house super features

Cytech installs smart house super features

A Comfort Intelligent Home System is at the heart of the luxury features in a new £5m, seven-bedroom house in Cheshire.

The owners of the newly-built house had two key objectives in mind when they discussed the home technology that might be installed in their property with their builders.

The owners wished to have a single relationship rather than multiple sub-contractors for design, supply and install of their lighting control, security, audio visual and home network systems. They desired a quick, seamless and problem-free control of all features inside and outside the house. They also believed that the smart home technology would ensure the house gained added cachet in terms of eye-catching facilities enhancing the property’s value.

The recommendations made to the builders by Morban Limited, the intelligent home company based in Lancaster, proved persuasive to the owners and the “intelligent home” project was under way.

Feeling secure in a large family house in a countryside setting was a key consideration and Morban chose the Comfort Intelligent Home System from Cytech Europe as the focus for this. The advanced system not only provides a high specification intruder alarm but also links to the lighting and device control allowing ‘day mode’, ’night mode’ and various ‘away mode’ settings that not only provide complete and secure protection but also ensure that systems not required are turned off - such as lighting and unused devices such as TV’s. The system also feeds images from the gate, the outside and inside CCTV cameras to a specific TV channel that can be viewed throughout the property such as the TV in the kitchen.

Views around the house can be accessed from a remote computer and mobile or remote telephone and these can arm or disarm the security system. Control of the gates and the front door can also be operated remotely or from the easy to use LCD keypads inside the house.

If no one is home, the doorphone is programmed to connect to a computer or mobile for a conversation with the visitor or delivery man who may be let in.

In the event of an alarm Comfort can dial out to 8 telephone numbers. A voice message is sent to mobile phones stating what has occurred and where.

The Comfort system interfaces with Dynalite lighting control equipment like the LCD touch panel at the entry to control lighting, heating, gate and security systems. Lighting controls provide a spectacular range of mood lighting as well as task lighting plus dimming of LED and Halogen light fittings. There are elegant multi-function Revolution wall panels that provide single touch lighting, heating, air conditioning and A/V control, plus infra-red remote control of selected areas such as the living room and bedrooms.

Universal sensors automatically light a pathway down stairs or corridors at night and switch off when there is no movement detected for a few moments. There is also emergency pathway lighting during any alarm situation.

The home spa area contains a spa pool, training equipment, a wet room and a sauna. These features are all controlled via the system again remotely operated ensuring that these are ready and up to temperature when the owners arrive home. RGB colour change lighting has also been used to illuminate the spa with a stunning range of lighting effects.

There are 40 separate multi-purpose Cat8 data points around the house to distribute satellite TV, Sky HD, telephones and internet as well as terrestrial TV and radio. The MediaX system allows for minimal wall plates providing connection for up to 8 different devices, replacing the multiple wall plates required where Cat5 is used. Its high-performance, high bandwidth cable also enables HD distribution from that same single cable. This provides a very flexible, powerful and wall clutter free alternative to the commonly used Cat5.

“The true worth of an intelligent home is only realised in the ability to take these systems and use them to create an environment that fulfils all of the aspirations and needs of the home owners”. Geoff Banks, Director at Morban says, “The real difference between a home with lots of stand-alone technologies and a home in which these work together as one, lies in the way that they are personalised to the client’s needs, getting that personal touch just right is everything. The Morban care and attention to detail made this project what it has become - an easy to understand, intuitive and robust intelligent home that delivers everything that the clients set out to achieve, plus that little extra!”


Further information:
Cytech Europe Limited/Comfort Intelligent Home System:
tel; 0208 133 8325,
See the website:
Morban Intelligent Living; tel:0870 141 7042,

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