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Press Room: New Acoustic Engineers Section

New Acoustic Engineers Section

The Construction adds Acoustic Engineers to its Professionals directory

Due to a rise in popularity for searches regarding specialist acoustic engineering firms a new section has been added to the Professionals directory on The Construction Centre website.

Acoustic Engineering covers a broad spectrum of services and is now particularly sought after with the current emphasis on environment and sustainability within the construction industry. Noise pollution is becoming an ever increasing issue with the ongoing development of infrastructure such as motorways, railways and airports and measurements need to be taken in order to assess the effects created by them.

The Construction Centre has over 200 acoustic related companies listed on the website and over the last 6 months has seen a steady increase in searches for suppliers in this sector. Around 500 acoustic engineering companies throughout the UK have now been added to the Professionals directory of the website.

Acoustic engineering is a specialist area and covers the noise and environmental impact on all areas where construction work takes place including houses, schools, airports, music studios, auditoriums and broadcasting centres. There are stringent requirements regarding noise which contractors need to adhere to such as Building Regulations, British Standards and more recently The Code for Sustainable Homes in order to limit unacceptable levels of noise.

Wind farms are also now becoming a very popular source of energy but the UK is yet to see the creation of a British Standard to ensure that noise and environmental impacts are considered in the areas surrounding them. Acoustic Engineers currently report on the impact of the wind farms using the ETSU-R-97 assessment created by the Working Group on Noise from Wind Turbines (Final Report, September 1996). This method can be applied to single turbines in urban areas up to large commercial wind farms.

Ion Acoustics, based in Bristol is one firm which specialises in wind farm assessments alongside its other services; noise measurement, acoustic design, education, arts and broadcasting. The company is currently listed in both the product supplier’s index and the Professionals directory on The Construction Centre website. David O’Neill Msc CEng MIOA, director at the firm said, “We have recently signed with The Construction Centre as it directly targets our client base. Many architects, specifiers and contractors use the website to find information and suppliers and we work with these people on a daily basis. We believe the website will be a great marketing tool for our company and provide a quick and easy way for people to find our specialist services.”

Richard Simmons, Managing Director at The Construction Centre said “We aim to respond and adapt the website to the needs of the construction industry so that it continues to be a fast and accurate vehicle for people, such as architects and specifiers, to find what they are looking for and the inclusion of acoustic engineering firms is an example of this. The website already contains a vast amount of information and we are continually expanding the database which is why it is the most significant online resource for the building industry to date.”

The Construction Centre has over 10,000 manufacturers and suppliers listed on the website with over 97,000 product terms alongside other areas covering industry jobs, and university courses, Trade Associations, Periodicals and News. Other information includes Building Regulations, Local Authority Planning Department’s, UK trade shows and exhibitions, contract leads for housebuilders and comprehensive directories listing tradesmen, professionals and wholesalers throughout the UK.

The Construction Centre is set to go from strength to strength and is certainly attracting thousands of people throughout the industry who need to save valuable time when sourcing building products, suppliers and people.

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