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Press Room: Delta awarded patent for innovative Flexi Dri Plus Plug

Delta awarded patent for innovative Flexi Dri Plus Plug

Delta Membrane Systems, the UK’s leading Type C Cavity Drain Membrane Manufacturer, is pleased to announce that it has been successful in its application for a new patent in respect of its Flexi Dri Plus Plug, a new achievement that strengthens the company’s portfolio.

Flexi Dri Plus Plug

Delta’s investment in technologies continues to lead the field in innovations within the waterproofing sector.

Delta has been awarded patent number 2698550 by the European Patent Office for innovating the Flexi Dri Plus Plug.

Flexi Dri Plus Plugs are a handy hammer-in fixings which contain an expandable waterproof seal for use with cavity drain membranes for use on multiple substrates.

The Flexi Dri Plus Plug offers a bellows action, meaning it can expand without splitting (as was the case with the older-style cob plug).

The Flexi Dri Plus Plug incorporates a threaded aperture in the head portion to accommodate a 5mm dia/size 10 fixing screw for subsequent installation of wall ties and/or dry lining systems (100mm shank x 90mm).

Available in double sealed versions (where the pin and the neck of the plug are sealed). Flexi Dri Plus Plugs are a great alternative to Qwik-Seal plugs and P T plugs.

Christopher Burbridge, Managing Director of Delta, commented: “The award of this patent reinforces the strength of our technological offering and market leadership. With our Flexi Dri Plus Plugs now generating easier installation but not compromising on a robust waterproof seal, we are moving towards a uniquely refined business model and re-fining the waterproofing sector, founded upon world-leading technology.”


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