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Press Room: Flexseal delivers promise of more internal pushfit couplings

Flexseal delivers promise of more internal pushfit couplings

Flexseal’s acclaimed Icon Pushfit coupling is now available in sizes to connect to any 4-inch pipe material. The Icon Pushfit simply pushes into the problem pipe and grips to the internal surface whilst the opposite end does the same to the connecting pipe and thus creates a reliable and watertight seal.

Icon Pushfit range

Launched to overcome common issues lots of contractors faced, which was connecting pipes with very little or no external surface to install a drain coupling, the first Icon Pushfit was for pipes with internal diameters between 99-103mm. It received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and calls for similar products to connect 4-inch pipes with differing internal diameters.

The Icon Pushfit range now has three models with product size ranges are as follows…

  • IC95P: Applies to 93-98mm internal diameter pipes
  • IC100P: Applies to 99-103mm internal diameter pipes
  • IC95-100P: Applies to pipes that differ in internal diameter - pipe 1: 93-98mm, pipe 2: 99-103mm.

Ben Beatson, Product Development Manager for Flexseal, said: “We now have Icon Pushfits to connect to any 4-inch pipe material. Our first product gave us the justification that the market has a call for this type of connection, hence the reason we’ve developed the range even further and we’ll continue to do so to meet market demands.”


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