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Press Room: Furnitubes seating is a dream for amusement park visitors

Furnitubes seating is a dream for amusement park visitors

Seating designed and supplied by Furnitubes has played a key role in a major redevelopment of an historic amusement park.

Amphitheatre seating

First opened as a pleasure gardens in the late 19th century, Dreamland is in the seaside town of Margate, Kent. The park’s Grade II* listed near-100-year-old Scenic Railway wooden rollercoaster remains the centrepiece of the park today.

Dreamland has long been an iconic attraction in the town - even featuring in the Only Fools and Horses “Jolly Boys’ Outing” 1989 Christmas special - but had gradually fallen into decline over a number of years. Dreamland has undergone a major redevelopment in 2017 and re-opened on a free-to enter / pay-per-ride basis to encourage higher visitor numbers. The attractions are vintage-themed; with rides including traditional fairground favourites such as a big wheel, waltzers and dodgems, all set within well-planted landscaped grounds.

Key to the future success of Dreamland is its programme of music at the new main stage, with a capacity of 15,000 for major events. To the front of the stage is a large ‘civic plaza’, beyond which is a grassed bank alongside the perimeter of the site that offers perfect views to the stage, with a backdrop of 3m high DREAMLAND letters. An informal arrangement of stone steps and seating has transformed the bank into an attractive amphitheatre style setting.

Furnitubes designed and supplied 250 linear metres of timber-topped seating platforms for fitment to various lengths of concrete blocks, all based around common module sizes and in straight segments at lengths that could be arranged radially to give the impression of curved seating, but without the expense of making individually dimensioned platforms for each seat. The seating platforms and accompanying front panels comprise iroko timber hardwood slats securely fastened to galvanised steel frames, themselves discretely fitted to the concrete blocks beneath.

Furnitubes timber topped seating

As well as offering provision for the main stage music events, the amphitheatre seating is proving to be a popular meeting and resting point for day-to-day visitors to Dreamland.


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