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Press Room: GDL sustainable ventilation solution for community centre

GDL sustainable ventilation solution for community centre

When a much-loved but fatigued community centre building needed replacing, GDL Air Systems was called in to install an energy-efficient ventilation system for the new building.

Auchlineck Community Centre

The cost-effective solution provided for Auchinleck New Community and Day Care Centre in East Ayrshire, Scotland, comprised products from GDL’s Intelivent natural ventilation range. These utilise both wind and solar power and also allow natural day-lighting throughout the building.

The £4.9 million community centre includes a learning centre, library, a day care centre, general training, interview and community rooms as well as dining and kitchen facilities for the local community. The new centre is one of a number of projects that have taken place in the local area to provide the very best facilities for all age groups to enjoy.

GDL supplied and installed a bespoke solution comprising Solarstore and Solarpipe in conjunction with penthouse turrets to provide both daylight lighting and controlled ventilation within the community centre. Wind and solar power are utilised to generate cost savings providing low energy consumption, low operating costs and low maintenance costs.

The GDL in-house design team is able to size the turrets accordingly to meet the required light and ventilation needs for each specific space. The purpose of this system is to diffuse natural light into the building, eliminating the need for artificial lighting and providing a sustainable alternative to a wired costly lighting arrangement.


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