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Press Room: Ideal Heat Solutions invests in HVO fuel for its fleet of packaged boilers

Ideal Heat Solutions invests in HVO fuel for its fleet of packaged boilers

Ideal Heat Solutions is proud to announce that it is now offering sustainable HVO diesel across its full packaged boiler range. Prior to this announcement, Ideal Heat Solutions was offering customers the choice of oil and gas as a fuel option to the packaged boilers.

Ideal Heat Solutions believes it is the first boiler hire company in the UK to use HVO on a commissioned temporary boiler.

The first clients of Ideal Heat Solutions to use HVO on a temporary boiler were Logistical Building Services (LBS) and Barratt London. Ideal Heat Solutions was appointed by LBS to deliver and commission a 1.2MW packaged boiler at Barratt London’s sustainable development project in New Mill Court, Greater London.

HVO, which stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, is a sustainable, renewable diesel. It’s different to other biodiesels as it uses hydrogen as the catalyst during production. HVO is widely acknowledged as being superior to other biodiesels, delivering an efficient, cleaner performance.

Ideal Heat Solutions’ engineers conducted a test to compare the performance of regular diesel oil and HVO diesel. The test was held over three days, running the boiler for two hours each day. The results were really impressive, with HVO fuel being the clear winner in all categories compared – PPM, CO2, CO/CO2, efficiency and smoke.

For existing or new clients that have renewable energy obligations, they now have a renewable energy option to choose from. Not only is HVO diesel better for the environment, it’s also more energy efficient.

Founded in 2010, Ideal Heat Solutions has been providing temporary heating and cooling solutions to commercial customers across the UK. Existing customers include Vital Energi, Skanska, Mitie, Kier and Bellway.


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