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Press Room: Maccaferri solutions for new tramway station in holiday town

Maccaferri solutions for new tramway station in holiday town

A new, state of the art tram station in Seaton, Devon, is coming soon and Maccaferri solutions are helping to provide the modern, all-year round facility for visitors.

Work on new tramway station

Plans for the £2 million Tramway station will include a small café and gift shop. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the fascination surrounding the history and operations of the tramway. The new station will enable more visitors to have access to and enjoy the magic of the trams and the Axe valley for decades to come.

The new station will replace the existing Edwardian-style ticket office which was built in 1996. A new, contemporary design will focus on the unique heritage of the Tramway.

The approaching ramps to the terminal tramway station are now in construction. A back-to-back embankment formed with the 120-year-life Terramesh system was chosen as an appropriate solution, especially due to the space constrain.

BBA Paralink high strength geogrid acting as basal reinforcement was also placed over the soft soil formation. Macgrid geogrids will be placed as ballast stabilisation over the Terramesh embankment once completed.


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