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Press Room: New website for parcels delivery service from The Safety Letterbox Company

New website for parcels delivery service from The Safety Letterbox Company

The Safety Letterbox Company has launched a new dedicated website for its expanding intelligent parcels delivery system, myRENZbox.

Secure delivery

The myRENZbox system is designed and manufactured to completely eliminate the issue of missed parcel deliveries. The future-proofed parcel box collection is full of dynamic parcel solutions for industries including residential and student living; business and retail; couriers and logistics.

As part of the Renz Group of companies, The Safety Letterbox Company has developed a range of intelligent parcel boxes to securely accept deliveries, notify the recipient and allow for the return of items if unsuitable. From this proven platform, a host of software processes have also been developed to work across a wide range of industries.

MyRENZbox delivers a quick return on investment in many ways. The systems are extremely versatile with many configuration modules uses include:

  • To automate and guarantee parcel delivery in the office, home or other place of residence.
  • As a vital link in omnichannel retailing, maximising the customer experience throughout their whole.
  • When used as a business solution to keep your business or manufacturing plant running at maximum efficiency and ensuring stock is where you want it, when you need it.
  • Or as gamechanger for couriers, bringing together efficient delivery and a sustainable solution.

To find out more about myRENZbox or to arrange to see the demo system in action, contact, call 01639 633525 or visit


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