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Press Room: Sara LBS insulated industrial doors help create HQ and laboratory for high-tech company

Sara LBS insulated industrial doors help create HQ and laboratory for high-tech company

When world class technology company Scintacor remodelled a building into a new headquarters in Cambridge, installation of a sara LBS insulated sectional door created a valuable workshop area from a space that was previously too cold in winter and stiflingly hot in summer. Three other doors from sara LBS also helped customise the building to meet Scintacor’s exact needs.

Insulated roller shutter

Scintacor is a recognised leader in phosphor and scintillation technologies, which convert many different types of radiation, including X-rays, neutrons, gamma rays, alpha and beta particles, into light for imaging and detection purposes. Its customers work in medical and general radiography, non-destructive materials testing, nuclear decommissioning, in-line inspection, mail and cargo examination, oil well logging, electron microscopy, fluoroscopy, spectroscopy and laser management.

To accommodate corporate growth and increasing efforts in research and development, early in 2017 Scintacor moved to a new 30,000 sq. ft. headquarters. Taking over an existing building at the heart of Cambridge’s science and technology business community, it remodelled the interior to create a state of the art manufacturing facility that includes class 10,000 laboratories and an extensive class 1,000 clean room environment; as well as the substantial office space needed to support the steady growth of the business.

Chris Bright, Facilities Manager at Scintacor, says the rebuilding was a multi-million pound project and included the installation of a total of four sara LBS doors.

“All of the existing access doors were old and not really fit for our purposes,” he says. “We came across sara LBS through a third party recommendation and were impressed by the breadth of the product range and the expertise of the company’s in-house engineers.”

Sara LBS supplied a total of four doors for connecting the goods in/out area to the clean room and warehouse. As well as an insulated sectional door, sara LBS installed two insulated personnel doors, plus an insulated roller shutter door.

Sara LBS offers a full range of industrial doors, including the insulated sectional overhead doors chosen for Scintacor. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor use because they are based on aluminium or galvanised steel panels infilled with 40mm or 45mm of polyurethane foam that provides a u-value of up to 0.2W/sqmK. End stiles, tracks and fittings are galvanised or zinc plated as standard, with stainless steel as an option. Extruded non-absorbent rubber seals are fitted to the top, bottom and sides of the door. Options offered by sara LBS include glazed panels, powered or manual operation, pneumatic safety edges and various lift heights. Scintacor chose to have a pass door fitted within the panel door serving the clean rooms so that individuals could walk through without raising the whole panel door.

The original roller shutter door in what is now a maintenance workshop was definitely showing its age and in need of replacement. At 4m wide by 4m high it took up something likes three-quarters of one wall and, being completely uninsulated, created a thermal bridge to the outside atmosphere.

“In winter the space was freezing cold and in summer we had the opposite problem, the area got so hot and stuffy that nobody could stay there for any length of time,” recall Chris. “It was just a wasted space that people hurried through as quickly as possible."

“We knew that if we could insulate the area properly we would create some valuable extra space but we also needed to maintain clear access via a high bay door. Fortunately sara LBS could offer us a perfect solution.”

Offering both insulated and standard roller shutter doors, sara LBS has considerable experience in improving the heat and energy performance of loading bays and other similar spaces. Its insulated roller shutters are based on a galvanised steel curtain with hollow section lathes infilled with polyurethane foam. They are fitted with injection moulded Nylon-6 end fittings, galvanised steel guides, coil covers and bottom rails and electro resistance welded tubular section barrels to create a robust and reliable door.

Chris again: “All of our new doors contribute to the building’s energy efficiency and will provide security for many years to come. As medium usage doors they are opened and closed several times a day, and they are very much quieter than the old doors!”

In summary Chris says: “Our new high-tech facility is in the heart of Cambridge’s famed high-tech cluster. There is tremendous potential synergy with the nearby pre-eminent companies, institutions and university.”


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