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Press Room: Tudor Roof Tiles earns award for bespoke work

Tudor Roof Tiles earns award for bespoke work

Tudor Roof Tiles’ factory manager Will McGinnis has earned special praise for helping the team to win a Build It Award for the second time.

Will McGinnis

For the 2018 awards, Tudor Roof Tiles submitted Tudor’s ability to hand make clay roof tiles to bespoke sizes and designs. In 2014, Tudor also won a Build It Award with a presentation on its traditional clay tiles.

For the latest award, Tudor showed the company was able to react without any delay, producing prototypes and then actual production. This was achieved in far less time than quoted by competitors, and were on average up to 40% cheaper in price.

Will McGinnis (pictured) has been named as the most important man at Tudor Roof Tiles when it comes to needing tiles made to a specific size or shape.

Often working with architects’ drawings, Will is responsible for making prototypes and then the final finished products.

Many times he goes above and beyond just doing a job, because he cares about the customer, says the company.

The Build It Award given to Tudor this year is an absolute reminder of Will’s achievement and the rest of the excellent team.


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