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"The Paints product feature is amazing! I thought I would have to provide my info but your marketing person has done a fantastic job!! Thank you sooo much. "  (July 2012)

Sharon Hendry
Leyland Trade Paints

  • "I just wanted to say thank you very much for the cup! Initially thought it was broken (could hear things rattling around..) what a great surprise to find it was chalk that you can doodle on the cup with! A really great marketing tool, I hope others take the time to email thanks for such a great freebie! Many thanks! "  (August 2011)
    David Clark
    Status Seating

  • "We are delighted with the performance of the Chelsom page on the Construction Centre website. We’ve been monitoring the analytics of the Chelsom site and referral visits from have been growing month on month. Visits to our site from such an industry specific source are so much more valuable as we know that they are already pre-qualified as serious contract visitors. We have found the Construction Centre site to be an excellent way to promote the company, recent projects, the latest products and company news."  (April 2011)
    Carole Houston
    Chelsom Limited

  • "Our Profile is generating new leads, giving SMP (Playgrounds) Ltd a wider network with which to interface with potential new customers. The team at the Construction Centre has been very professional and efficient and we would highly recommend them."  (April 2011)
    Sophie Holt
    SMP Playgrounds Ltd

  • "The profile looks great and the wording is fantastic, so well done to whoever did that for us!"  (February 2011)
    Kim Hunt
    Pure Buildings

  • "Many thanks for your drive on this project, You are a credit to yourself and your company. I just wish all representatives were as persistent and resourceful as you have been. We are looking forward to a mutually profitable return on investment and we are very pleased with the results we have gained since we joined your site."  (January 2011)
    Brian Hale
    Gloucester Composites Ltd

  • "It has been a great start and since listing with yourselves 3 months ago, we have seen significantly increased visits to our website and subsequent enquiries and sales. I look forward to the next 12 months and beyond."  (January 2011)
    David Schulhof

  • "Thanks for writing our profile page. It reads very well and I give top marks to whoever has written this copy - a very refreshing change to have material provided which is well written, makes sense and understands what we're about as a business - well done!"  (December 2010)
    Carol Parry
    Welsh Oak Frame

  • "Thank you for your email and for confirming our renewal with The Construction Centre. I have let our website and advertising department know that if any new pages or advertising are released, we can send it to you. Thanks again, it’s great to continue business with you. "  (November 2010)
    Sarah Catton
    Taylors Garden Buildings

  • "Response to profile written by The Construction Centre team: I've given the profile a quick once over and it has saved me a huge job but I would like to change the order of products listed so the most important ones - top sellers - come first! Please thank whoever has done a great job though in writing this profile up. "  (October 2010)
    Sue Dutton
    Yorkstone Direct

  • "We have found The Construction Centre website to be a very useful advertising tool and the company has benefited from the many enquiries and indeed orders resulting from exposure on it."  (May 2010)
    Rob Brettell
    H Brettell & Sons Ltd

  • "I have been very pleased with the great service provided by Hazel Carnell and the team. Your staff have consistently made any changes requested to our page quickly and efficiently. They are always there to ensure we get the best service possible. Keep up the good work!"  (April 2010)
    Amy Brown
    Musco Lighting Europe Ltd

  • "Just to confirm how pleased we are with our listing. I study our Website Analytics, on Google, on a weekly basis and have noted that the referrals from our Construction Centre listing are already outperforming other referral sites set up months earlier."  (March 2010)
    Andy Benn
    Addagrip Surface Treatments (UK) Ltd

  • "With regard to the service that your company provides, it can be described in one word – Excellent! Since joining the Construction Centre we have had a number of very good quality enquiries that I believe that we would not have received had we not been listed. In particular, Architects and Designers have made enquiries with regard to our Italian products. What is worth noting is we have yet to update our site fully but despite this, the service has proved to be successful."  (January 2010)
    Greg Stewart
    One Workplayce

  • "In promoting Black Country Heritage on The Construction Centre web platform we were impressed by the flexibility offered in avoiding a long term subscription and the quality presentation of our company details on the website. Analysis of our own website stats reveals frequent referral visits via The Construction Centre. There is no doubt that a specifier would find this method of sourcing materials a whole lot easier than thumbing through paper directories."  (January 2010)
    Kelvin Pearce
    Black Country Heritage Ltd

  • "The Construction Centre really delivers! We had an enquiry on the first day of our Profile going live! - thanks to Clare and the Team!"  (January 2010)
    Aidan Latham
    Insign limited

  • "The Construction has driven more than twice as much traffic to our website as any other paid for 3rd party website."  (December 2009)
    Mark Taylor
    Knauf Insulation Ltd

  • "We believe that The Construction Centre is a very valuable online tool that helps promote Armstrong's presence and branding online. We now receive up to 300 clicks to our website and would recommend you invest in this site! "  (December 2009)
    Michelle Nicholl
    Armstrong World Industries Ltd (Ceiling Division)

  • "We have found The Construction Centre a very cost effective way of advertising our products. We receive a high amount of enquiries, which have tended to lead to instant sales as the person looking on the website is looking to buy. Also, the whole process of setting up our own page on the website couldn’t have been easier. I found Mel a pleasure to deal with and wouldn’t hesitate to renew next year. Keep up the good work."  (December 2009)
    Owen Haskins
    The Glass Radiator Company

  • "We have had an enhanced listing on the Construction Centre website since May 2007 and since then it has brought regular traffic to our website and also valuable sales enquiries. I would not hesitate to recommend this website for those companies wishing to raise their presence in the market place. Furthermore there is always someone at the end of a phone line only too happy to advise and make any changes requested. "  (June 2009)
    Stuart Richards

  • "I am very pleased with the response we have achieved from advertising with The Construction Centre in such a short space of time. We have received enquiries from all over the UK and feel that this was a wise investment for our company. "  (June 2009)
    Jamie Trump
    JT Automation Technology Ltd

  • "Dear Construction Team The Directors at Dogs In Action Security Limited wish to thank you most sincerely for such a exciting Profile page, we are amazed that you compiled such a accurate description of our business and it is a joy to do business with such friendly caring people...give yourselves a huge pat on the back, its a rare thing these days....a very big thank you for all you have done for us, its a privilege to do business with you, and I would recommend your firm to anyone."  (May 2009)
    Roger and Jane Fermor
    Dogs In Action Security

  • "I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with The Construction Centre website. I have already had 19 referrals to my web site via The Construction Centre, and today have submitted a quote to a new client as a result. Oh, and thank you for all of the work that you put in to get my listing up and running so quickly."  (March 2009)
    Jon Harper cert.Arb(RFS)
    Harper Arboricultural Limited

  • "The Construction Centre has provided us with many high quality enquiries ensuring both ourselves and the customer are in good hands"  (March 2009)
    Matt Magee
    TigerTurf (UK) Ltd

  • "Hazlemere has had a great start to 2009 with record numbers of enquiries and window and doors sales in January and February. In the light of this, we very much appreciate the significant contribution The Construction Centre is making to these figures. Our listing on The Construction Centre is generating an excellent number of visitors to our website and regular email enquiries, some of which have now converted to orders! Our sincere and grateful thanks."  (March 2009)
    Mark Austin
    Hazlemere Windows

  • "We cannot thank you enough - already we have received 2 requests for quotes and they have also placed orders! Marvellous, The Construction Centre is a wonderful find, thank you."  (February 2009)
    Gaynor Powell
    Global Fix Limited

  • "For the record, may I say how pleased I am with the manner in which you deal with our business, and with the results we are getting. Excellent, on both counts."  (February 2009)
    John Palmer
    Southern Glass Services (UK) Ltd

  • "Unique Style Interiors is fast becoming one of the leading, bespoke bar seating specialists and furniture suppliers in the UK. Over the past year, we have doubled our work force and production area to meet the high demand for our products and to ensure our customers get the best quality of service they deserve. Part of this success has been due to our listing with The Construction Centre. We have been delighted with the service and received targeted enquiries from our listing. "  (November 2008)
    Mark Benyon
    Unique Style Interiors Ltd

  • "As naturally sceptical advertisers, we were delighted to see traffic arrive almost immediately from the Construction Centre website, much of which has been converted to sales. In addition to this, we have requested certain updates to our listings, all of which have been delivered within a very short time frame and in a professional manner. We have no hesitation in recommending them and anticipate a long and fruitful working relationship."  (November 2008)
    Jason Elliott
    British Recycled Products

  • "We keep a very close eye on the referrals we receive from a number of sites and by far the best is The Construction Centre. It attracts some very valuable leads and we are delighted with the response so far."  (October 2008)
    Hilary Power
    Westbury Windows and Joinery

  • "There are so many different web sites and directories out there today promising to increase customers and sales, it is normally our policy not to spend any of our marketing budget on this type of online advertising and concentrate on more pro-active and cost effective methods of promoting our Company. Since taking you up on your offer, the Construction Centre web site now refers over 30% of all visitors to our site. In fact the Construction Centre is the second largest source of visitors to our website with only Google being larger! Last month the Construction Centre website referrals accounted for over 79% of all new visitors to our site. I would like to thank you along with the whole Construction Centre team for providing us with such a great product and service over the last year and we look forward to working with you all in the future."  (September 2008)
    Paul Webb
    Stop Slip Ltd

  • "We have been trading for 16 years now and have generally struggled to achieve quality, genuine leads but over the last five years we have sought to improve this. This year we came on board with The Construction Centre and feel this is the right place for us. We are now optimistic and are moving forward. The team at The Construction Centre have been really helpful and friendly and gave us good advice on areas where we could improve our website. We believe there is no point in having good products if they are not marketed properly. "  (June 2008)
    Steve Williams
    Metal Fabrications

  • " and The Construction Centre have a very productive working relationship and we are now reaping the benefits of our directory listings. We have over 100k plus unique visitors to per month with The Construction Centre ranking in the top 10 of all traffic sources directed to our site."  (June 2008)
    Chris Johnson
    Victoria Plumb

  • "The beauty of the system is that all of our products can be included and placed under multiple categories, ensuring it is easy for people to find our company."  (June 2008)

    Ash & Lacey Building Systems

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