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"Very well laid out and easy to view "  (April 2019)

David Ransom, Sheffield homeowner looking for dado glue

  • "I found what I was looking for. Everything on the site is great."  (March 2019)
     Nickita Dias, London architect looking for Cad drawings

  • "It was easy to see selections on offer"  (June 2018)
     Peter D Hayter, Dorset specifier looking for thermally broken windows

  • "I like the excellent content and sensible layout; keep up the good work."  (November 2017)
     Paul Arnold, County Durham project finance officer looking for developer requisites

  • "I liked how the links to each company were listed."  (October 2017)
     Luke Redman, Kent manufacturer

  • "I like the fact you can contact lots of different companies at once"  (April 2017)
     Dave Driver, Berkshire tradesman looking for gulley grilles

  • "The site is straightforward and user friendly. I found what I was looking for"  (February 2017)
     Sidney Simpson, Procurement team member in London looking for precast concrete products

  • "Very good website"  (January 2017)
     Luke Gorringe, Bradford contractor

  • "The site is really easy to use and well laid out"  (December 2016)
     Amanda Lee, Local government worker, Staffs

  • "I like the amount of information that is freely available. "  (December 2016)
     Martyn Stannard, Contractor,Leeds

  • "Site is easy to use with very good content"  (July 2016)
     Ilyas Lunat, London architect looking for ground works contractor

  • "The content and layout of the site are excellent. It saved me mailing each company separately. "  (February 2016)
     Michelle Oliviere, Kent homeowner looking for company to install glass blocks

  • "The site is easy to use and informative, with excellent content. I found what I was looking for. "  (February 2016)
     John Lightfoot , Staffordshire homeowner looking for glass roof panels

  • "I liked the facility to send an inquiry to multiple companies"  (October 2015)
     John Mcintosh, Electrical contractor, Montrose

  • "Easy to use website with excellent content and layout"  (September 2015)
     Derek Dkapper, Small developer, Merseyside

  • "I liked being able to access different companies from one web page. The time-saving was terrific!"  (August 2015)
     Andrew Foote, Retired engineering consultant from Warwickshire looking for sound reduction solutions

  • "The information is very comprehensive and helpful."  (June 2015)
     Olu Ademoyero, Small developer in London looking for prefab suppliers and manufacturers

  • "comprehensive, quick, simple and easy to use"  (June 2015)
     Geoff Funnell, Dorset homeowner looking for information on paving supports

  • "I like that I put in what my request is, and it goes out to more than one company... The site is easy to use, easy to understand and find what you are looking for..."  (May 2015)
     Shirley Taylor, West Lothian carer searching for Fire Door protective coatings

  • "The site was very easy to use and well directed."  (May 2015)
     Jane Walker, Self-builder from Hertfordshire looking for plastic wall cladding

  • "Pleased to have found your site. I started out looking for architects when my search went wider and I discovered the full scope of your site. I think it could be a great resource in the future. "  (April 2015)
     Julie Sayce, Construction training group, Powys

  • "It was extremely easy and very quick to enter my requirements and for these to be relayed to multiple companies. This will allow me to compare the relevant information that they supply and to make an informed choice for my new roof lantern."  (April 2015)
     Maria Hodgson, Sussex homeowner looking for roof lantern

  • "Brilliant - saved me so much time! Excellent content and ease of navigation; wish there were more websites like this"  (April 2015)
     Katherine Robb, Kent homeowner looking for lantern windows

  • "It was so easy to send one email to multiple companies asking for prices, rather than taking all morning searching for and then emailing as many as I did."  (March 2015)
     Ian Roddham, Tradesman searching for fire doors, Newcastle upon Tyne

  • "I liked the wide array of information available on the site but dislike how you have no rates or cost information. "  (March 2015)
     Liam Clack, Quantity surveyor, West Sussex

  • "The site is quick and easy to follow, with excellent content"  (January 2015)
     Rick Parker, Self builder, Cheshire

  • "The site is simple but effective"  (January 2015)
     Graham Parsons, Gloucestershire home owner looking for garage door information

  • "The site has a good search function that is easy to use and the one-email-to-all function is a great feature."  (December 2014)
     David Fitzpatrick, Civil engineer, County Limerick, looking for flood barrier systems

  • "The site is extremely easy to navigate through."  (November 2014)
     Lyndsey Tomlinson, Small developer in North Wales looking for disabled access door suppliers

  • "I liked that it was easy to input information and the site did not ask irrelevant questions."  (November 2014)
     Linda Hawthorne, Nottingham social worker looking for fencing

  • "I like the ability to send a single quote request to multiple suppliers"  (October 2014)
     Peter Miles, Worcester homeowner looking for glulam beam quotes

  • "The information is clear and I was able to find what I wanted quickly."  (October 2014)
     Jim Jones, Self-builder, Cheshire

  • "I liked that I could multiple email companies with my enquiry"  (September 2014)
     Chris Astley, McDermott Homes Ltd,Jupiter House,1 Mercury RiseAlthamLancashireBB5 5BY

  • "I will use your site again, the renovation currently being undertaken covers lots of different aspects of the building trade. "  (September 2014)
     David Warner, Contractor, Hants

  • "It's easy to navigate and find what you want."  (September 2014)
     Matthew Jones, Security designer, Kent

  • "The content and ease of navigation is very good. I liked the extensive availability of alternative suppliers for various products. It would be useful if there was the option to attach drawings to send to suppliers."  (September 2014)
     Bob Brind, Contractor, Kent

  • "Shows exactly what I'm looking for with details, which is what is needed by a complete amateur retired DIYer "  (August 2014)
     Leslie Walsingham, Lincolnshire homeowner looking for modular shower cubicle

  • "The simple design with clear navigation is very user friendly. I especially like the nice big "search" box on the home page"  (August 2014)
     Angela Lambert, Manufacturer, Norfolk

  • "The content and ease of navigation is excellent. I liked the choice of suppliers for block and beam flooring."  (August 2014)
     Richard Weiss, Small developer, Twickenham, London

  • "Site is very clearly laid out."  (July 2014)
     Elaine Slade, Somerset homeowner looking for demountable flood guards

  • "The site is easy to use, with excellent content"  (June 2014)
     Timo Elliott, Sussex contractor looking for hollow concrete flooring

  • "The site is simple to use. Content, ease of navigation and layout all very good."  (April 2014)
     T O'Neill, Gloucestershire homeowner searching for bi-fold doors quote.

  • "I found the information I was looking for. The site is very clear and easy to navigate with excellent content."  (March 2014)
     David H Gent, Hampshire homeowner

  • "The site is simple to navigate. Contact with companies made very easy, hopefully not to 'spam' boxes. Content about the products is excellent. As the website works like a search engine facility, it saves time and effort. A great site and very user friendly."  (February 2014)
     Keith MacKenzie, Yorkshire homeowner looking for laminated wall panels

  • "I liked that you could send a enquiry to several companies at once."  (February 2014)
     Mr Robert Loyd, Small developer looking for a bespoke atrium roof light

  • "The ease of navigation was excellent. It was very easy to find the product group I was looking for."  (January 2014)
     Darrell, Edinburgh contractor looking for upvc cladding

  • "Very good content. It told a lot about the company products and different roofing applications."  (January 2014)
     Ian Yeates, Roofing application technician, Gloucester

  • "It appeared to have everything that I need and could save me endless trawling of the internet!"  (January 2014)
     Nick Hancock, Warwickshire homeowner looking for timber framed conservatory companies

  • "Everything is split into different sections, which makes it easier to navigate than many other web directories. Attractive and professional-looking company listing pages."  (November 2013)
     Claire Baldwin, Internet marketing specialist, Nottingham

  • "I got what I wanted quickly - it was easy to send multiple enquiries. The website is excellent."  (November 2013)
     Alex Barr, Architect, Haverfordwest

  • "I liked the wide range of information on the site, particularly the cost info."  (October 2013)
     Ian Douglas, Property repair adviser and specifier, Northumberland

  • "Site is good because it gave me the option of several companies at once."  (October 2013)
     Ms Bindu Ayer, Self builder, London

  • "I found website very easy to navigate"  (September 2013)
     Brian Jardine, Small developer, Dumfries and Galloway

  • "The site is very clear and information is easy to find."  (July 2013)
     Lisa Bishop-Smith, Contractor, Wiltshire

  • "I liked the way all results are in the same place; it is easy to send enquiries to more than one company."  (June 2013)
     Matthew Jones, Quantity surveyor, Cornwall

  • "I liked the ease of use. The website is very professional with excellent content."  (May 2013)
     Michael Stone, Homeowner looking for shower tray

  • "Site content and ease of navigation very good. Seems very informative."  (April 2013)
     Jamie Brogden, Tradesman, Leeds

  • "I liked the way you can email all companies with your enquiry. "  (March 2013)
     Lynne Richardson, Builders merchant, West Midlands

  • "Excellent site. I liked the easy-to- use, straight to the point navigation. Found exactly what I needed in seconds"  (January 2013)
     Ross, Architect, Isle of Man

  • "A very knowledgeable website with very good content and excellent layout"  (December 2012)
     Nick Bass, Contractor, Wisbech, Cambs

  • "The site is very well set up with lots of info."  (November 2012)
     Dave Raeson, Self builder, Cambs

  • "I like the layout, makes it easy to navigate the page. Also the content is very detailed."  (November 2012)
     Matthew Jeffries, Quantity surveyor, West Midlands

  • "I found the site very easy to use with excellent content."  (November 2012)
     Simon, Quantity surveyor, Essex

  • "I needed 21 doors urgently and liked the way I could send a quotation request to all companies at once. The content, layout and ease of navigation of the site is excellent."  (October 2012)
     Sajid Divelli, Self-builder, Bolton

  • "The site is very well put together with lots of info, well done."  (October 2012)
     Nick Baa, Contractor, Cambridgeshire

  • "The content is very good. I liked the way I got what I was looking for straight away from it. I would have liked to get price comparison."  (October 2012)
     Tina O Connor, Civil engineering contractor, Co. Cork

  • "The site is very easy to use and no nonsense."  (October 2012)
     Sheila Weed, Devon homeowner looking for flood defence systems

  • "The amount of information is excellent. It is easy to find things because of the clear layout and detailed sections."  (October 2012)
     Stuart Wedge, Construction industry student, Wolverhampton

  • "The content and layout of the site is very good."  (September 2012)
     Aaron Down, Architect, London

  • "I was unable to find very many companies offering tank or chemical bund lining service. I would like the site to have a service section rather than just mostly supplies."  (August 2012)
     Peter Lambert-Gorwyn, Contractor, Sussex

  • "I used the site looking for information on products which I am thinking of specifying and found the content and ease of navigation very good. I like the free cad blocks and advice."  (July 2012)
     Phillip Lewis, Architect, Pembrokeshire

  • "The cost information section looks good. Not what I came for, but will bookmark for future use."  (July 2012)
     Peter Everett, Structural engineer, Flintshire

  • "The content and ease of navigation is excellent. Everything is easy to find."  (July 2012)
     Ian Guest, Small developer, Yorks

  • "I found it very easy to find the information I was looking for about pier caps and other products."  (July 2012)
     Trevor Bamforth, Fuel industry engineer, Hants

  • "The site is very easy to navigate, clear and easy for a techno phobe like me."  (June 2012)
     Debbie Pestwer, Homeowner looking for flood barrier, Suffolk

  • "The website is very good. I like the ability to email all companies at once."  (June 2012)
     Roy Mason, Contractor, Dundee

  • "The site's perfect, it's very helpful."  (May 2012)
     Nicholas Loydall, Building surveyor, Warwickshire

  • "The send e-mail to companies is a great idea. I found the website's content excellent."  (April 2012)
     Arabella Lane, Self-builder, Gwynedd

  • "The site is excellent. It is simple and easy to navigate. "  (March 2012)
     Mabel Luy, Newcastle architect

  • "Excellent site. Very easy to use and I'm not that good with computers. "  (March 2012)
     Mr C R Jordan, Self-builder, Norfolk

  • "An excellent website. I really liked the ease of which to send an email to a group of piling contractors in one go ... thanks."  (March 2012)
     Richard Burns, Tradesman, Belfast

  • "I liked the ability to obtain quotes from a range of companies quickly on line. I am likely to use the site again."  (January 2012)
     Donald Player, Architect, Leeds

  • "I liked the site's total ease of use. The content is excellent."  (January 2012)
     G.Watterson, Contractor, East Sussex

  • "I have looked for a while on other and gypsum direct sites and yours was the only one that gave me a contact facility to ask for what I well done."  (January 2012)
     Mike Remedios, Jet engine engineer, Derbyshire

  • "When searching for flood defence information, I liked being able to send multiple emails to companies. I found the content and layout of the site excellent."  (January 2012)
     Gary de Saram, Homeowner, Hucknall

  • "The site is very easy on the eye to navigate. Content and layout also excellent."  (December 2011)
     Mandy Sneddon, Architect, Doncaster

  • "I like how the site looks. I think the content and ease of navigation of the site are excellent."  (November 2011)
     Stephen Causbrook, Tradesman, Scunthorpe

  • "The content and layout of the site is excellent. I found it very easy to navigate to where I wanted to be."  (October 2011)
     Des Lawrence, Tradesman, Beverley

  • "Very easy to do. I liked I could request a quote from all companies at once rather than have to do it individually, it saved a lot of time."  (September 2011)
     Carla Roberts, Self-builder, Northants

  • "I thought the whole idea was brilliant! And really well designed. I will continue using the site."  (September 2011)
     Shaan St John, Self builder, Swansea.

  • "I particularly liked the ease with which the information was provided, This was far better than looking for different items on many other sites."  (July 2011)
     Joanna Chorley, Housebuilder, Stony Stratford

  • "It's got lots of helpful information and easy to understand."  (July 2011)
     Kaeilah Islam, Self-builder, London

  • "I liked being able to place my request in front of 11 different manufacturers to see if they did the rather unusual size planter we are looking for - this would have taken ages to Google each one."  (July 2011)
     Mrs. C. B. Brown, Residents' Association member, Surrey

  • "This is the first time I have seen a site like this in the net. It made my job much easier. A great site. Excellent effort."  (July 2011)
     Anu K John, QS Engineer, Qatar

  • "I am impressed with how a multiple request for brochures has been despatched saving me a considerable amount of time."  (July 2011)
     James Addison, Local authority worker, Essex

  • "Everything I was looking for was easy and quick to find! Bookmarked page for future."  (June 2011)
     Steve Hood, Tradesman, Cumbria

  • "After a long search, Google produced your useful website. I liked the clear layout and accurate wording. "  (June 2011)
     George King, East Sussex

  • "Content, ease of navigation and layout all excellent. A good website and easy to understand."  (June 2011)
     Joe Meiklejohn, Housebuilder, Herefordshire.

  • "Graphically the site is rather plain, but this is more than compensated for by its excellent navigation. Don't know if it might be possible to improve presentation whilst retaining ease of finding info?"  (May 2011)
     simon cartlidge, Architect, Bristol

  • "Liked clear layout and very easy to find info. No annoying links etc. Very good."  (May 2011)
     Jonny Maze, Architect, County Down

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