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Bathroom Pod Companies in the UK

  • Offsite Solutions is a leading specialist producer of factory built bathroom pods for the UK & European markets. We design and manufacture a full range...


Packaged Bathrooms

For projects where there is a significant element of replication of room layouts, including bathrooms, the economies of scale that can be achieved through off-site, factory-based manufacture are significant; likewise the control of quality and delivery timescales.

Architects and builders are increasingly attracted to the advantages and benefits applicable to a wide range of building types including:

  • Private and public sector housing; apartments and flats
  • Hotels, Motels, Holiday Chalets and Apartments
  • Student Accommodation and Hostels
  • Sports changing facilities

These advantages were first appreciated in the UK hotel sector in the early 1990s. Leading UK and European hotel chains have been committed to rapid expansion programmes through the use of prefabricated construction, including bathroom pods. Off-site fabrication of bathrooms shortens build programmes and reduces build costs.

Where to buy bathroom pods

  • Off Site Solutions (RT) Ltd - Hoopers Close, Isleport Business Park, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 4JU, 01278 780807
  • Healthcare Bathroom Pods
  • Healthcare Bathroom Pods