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The Products and Requirements needed to Complete a Wet Room

Wet rooms are characterised by the absence of floor mounted baths and shower trays; thus optimising use of the space and simplifying cleaning. Tanking the floor of a wet room is the process required in order to make a wet room waterproof. It is vital this is done with an appropriate product which will stand the test of time.

Look for a Tanking System specifically designed for wet rooms; don’t be tempted to innovate or adapt a waterproofing system used for another application i.e. roofing.

Generally these products consist of a system that includes a rubber-like paste with extra reinforcing tapes; sleeves and cloaks for wall to floor junctions; pipe penetrations and corners to ensure that there is no chance of any leakage from these weaker points in the wet room floor construction.

The specific conditions present in a wet room environment require that the products used must accommodate:

Flexibility: The wet room tanking (waterproofing) system used must not crack with movement of the floor or wall structure.

Stability at Highly Temperature: Look for a system that can accommodate wide variation in temperature; particularly where under-floor heating (UFH) is proposed’

Breathability: Buildings need to breathe naturally to allow water vapour to pass in and out of their structure. If water vapour is not allowed to escape the structure, for instance when it meets a vapour barrier, it will condense into water and this, over time, can cause structural problems and those associated with damp affecting tile adhesive and causing mould growth.

Where to buy complete wet rooms

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